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Hey there! I love writing, reading, watching movies, smelling rain, cooking, babysitting, watching leaves turn colors in autumn, laughing, and hanging out with friends and family.
Have a great day, and keep writing!

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I wrote this without much thought, so sorry if it makes no sense. Feedback: I would LOVE it!

Big Blue

July 21, 2015



It's up above

not down below

I see it now

it's like a show

With big bright lights

sometimes it shines

sometimes it doesn't

like twinkling dimes

It's got all the actors

and actresses too

the propts are all there

it's almost my cue

I walk on the stage

the lights are on me

the crowd is dead silent

now do you see?

The lights never die

but in the day-scenes 

They're always up there

behind the mountain of greens 

It's up above

not down below

we see it now

it's just like a show







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