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Never Ask Me to Name Anything

By: Cassidy Van Bavel

A breakfast joint: Rise and Dine
A new smartphone: Memori
An eyeglasses store: Do You See What Eye See?
A dog pound: Pets by the Pound
A highway: Low way
An island resort: Link's Oasis
A new constellation: Excubitor (means 'sentinel' in Latin)
A pet polar bear: Stephen
A nail polish color: Dazzling Digits
A new butterfly species: Margarinefly

Message to Readers

I am sorry.

Peer Review

A dog pound: Pets by the Pound - I don't really know, I just thought that it was like super hilarious. This whole piece was absolutely one of the most funny things that I have ever read and I absolutely love it. I hope something gets name one of these because I adore them. Great work.

Reviewer Comments

They were all so great. I love them and please keep writing!