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Reality of sports

May 14, 2014



We all live in a world that's competitive, theirs always going to be someone that's going to work harder than you. Being in a world with sports, you want to try youngest be who you are do what you know how to do. Having someone that loves the same sport you do can be hard, you have to show them that you came to win, came to work. There are so many things I would change while doing sports, expectialy the sport that you have passion for. Having to play on a team sport is a challenge, cause you all have to play your part. Their are some many things I would change in playing on a team sport. Changing peoples attitudes and showing them how to control it. We all understand that your here to win but if you make a mistake or you do something wrong, everything is going to be okay. Just shake it off. But don't blame it on somebody else, don't act like it wasn't your felt own up to it. The thing I wouldn't change is having someone be a leader in the group. Being able to bring people up when there down, Making them have confidence again. Playing in a team competitive sport can really have many ups and downs you just have to learn to live by them, learm from your mistakes.


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