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Okay. So this is not completely true. BUT, I did think that I heard my name in the wind whilst writing on a tree stump. Now I seem crazy... This was really a piece to try my vocabulary and extend my description. Tell me what you think!!!

The Dome

May 26, 2015

PROMPT: Other World


In the evening as the sky turned a light shade of orange, I was writing on a tree stump. Blissfully unaware of how stiff I was. I was in my own world, watching the words dancing on the page, hearing the wind whistling in my ears, when I heard the wind call my name. I looked up as though expecting there to be someone trying to trick me, but no. I continued to circle my head and heard it again, 


I decided that I would get up and follow the sound as it continued to play in my ears. I followed it for around 2 minutes when it led me through, what looked like thick foliage, but wasn't as thick as I had expected. I pushed aside the thin layer of vines and branches and immediately was taken aback in awe. I gasped as I looked around and saw beautiful flowers and birds of every colour. There was also a few, (currently snoring away) koalas in the tree. I looked up and could barely see the roof of the canopy as the trees towered above me. I did a little twirl in my excitement and saw a little blanket of grass, flowers and clovers covering the ground on the far side of 'the dome' (as I decided to call it). I thought that this would probably be a better place than my tree stump. I sank into the blanket to test it's comfort level and as I expected, it was much better than the tree stump. I curled myself up, got out my spotty blue pen and began to sink back into my own world of writing. And frankly, that was my favourite world to be in. I knew where the dome was now, and it was my new favourite place that I continued to visit quite frequently over time. 


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