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it's always been Frances

October 14, 2021

PROMPT: Band Name

AAAFSJSHGDJFHGS I love this prompt

I often spend my time pondering the infinite questions of indifference, such as "what would you name your band".
I love grunge and post-punk, but basically anything from the 60s up to the 90s. In my secret confessional hours, I would write songs about the anger that was easier than sadness. It was a worthy trade. I wrote songs about how the great love of my life, music, dares betray me. I wrote so many poems about Morrissey, that at the mention of his name I spill my guts with all mater of unforgiving smilies. I digress. I play bass, piano and acoustic guitar, so composing has always been a desperate goal of mine. I've made album covers, a logo and all those silly little things that pass over alcoholic afternoons unspent. 

I would name my band Frances.

The name Frances came to me when was trying to sleep. It wasn't a 'Let it be, mother Mary' occurrence, but it was the small magic that makes you forget life in the dullest of moments. 

Three things drew me to this name:

1. I have always loved the name Frances. It's my father's middle name and I seriously considered changing my own name to Frances at one point.

    I adore Nirvana and of course Kurt. The song, especially the demo, of 'Frances Farmer will Have her Revenge on Seattle' spoke to me in a way lullabies don't. Obviously, his daughter also carries the name Frances, which made me less keen on it.

3. Rock bands aren't named Frances... but then again, they aren't named Queen or Nirvana or Hole.

yeehaw. Bass riffs and communism,
cauliflower (or possibly Frances)


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  • Helena

    Re: Cool, I'll do one on the redwood poem as soon as I get the chance! It may take a little bit of time to show up for you though as I think they need to get checked by WtW first? Also, no need to not be confident with the review! It was so helpful and I really appreciated it, thank you <3

    13 days ago