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The Shouter and The Walker

October 14, 2021


"Where are you? I can't see anything, it's way too dark!

"I'm over here", whispered a voice in the darkness. The voice of the person calling seemed to come from the left side. But which way was left? It was so dark, one could turn and already find himself lost. 

"That doesn't help at all!"

"Blast it!", shouted the voice of the one who gave directions."We'll never get out of this place alive!" This person seemed to be a doubter by the words it spoke. Getting out alive was an understatement. For one man alone needed daily amounts of water and food. But this realization was not yet upon them. Though it was very foolish of them. For one can only live so long without neither.

"Alright I'll begin to rush forward, speak as loudly as possible", explained the freighted walker, careful to not trip and fall in the darkness. "Hopefully we'll find each other."

And hope was exactly what both needed. The voice of the one who gave the first directions began speaking almost immediately, so loud I'd guess you ought to call this one," the shouter." And you may call the other," the walker." At this time the shouter is shouting and the walker is walking.

But this too was very foolish. For one knows yelling in a cave causes voices to bounce on and off the walls in all types of directions. The shouter could shout from the left, and the echo comes from the right, which causes the walker to head right. Very confusing if you say. As time went on, both the shouter and the walker find themselves together again.

“That was something!”, exclaimed the walker. Both seemed to be out of breath and very, very sweaty.

“Oh, well what’s this!?”, shouts the shouter quickly. The shouter begins to pull on his belt loop. The shouter swears there’s something heavy and cold there. But doesn’t know what!

"Well, what is it?”, asked the walker.

“If it isn’t my electric torch! I must’ve forgotten all about it when we entered this cursed cave! How far have we gotten on without this thing? We’ve survived I’ll say!” The walker becomes very agitated and begins to walk about in a circle cursing under his breath.

“Why so stern sir?", puzzled the shouter. The walker instantly comes to a pause and starts to ramble with the shouter.

“Why so stern!", begins the walker. "That’s an excellent question! We’ve been here in the dark for ages it seems, you’ve had an electric torch on you the entire time! I always knew you were halfwit!” This sent the shouter into a rage. Both seemed to argue on and on for ages! Screams of anger filled the cave. Walls began to shake. Rocks fall and tumble to the ground. The floor beneath them cracks. Both the walker and the shouter pause their argument and look at the walls in fear. The shouter turns on the electric torch and seems startled.

“What is it?”, asked the walker. 

"I believe we may have provoked this cave!"



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  • Helena

    This is so good! Welcome to WtW!!

    10 months ago