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drawn in tea swirls

October 13, 2021


oh hey 
i'm back
sitting in the same place we did
i swear, i can still hear
the echoes of our laughs 
and the ghosts of our happiness

our eyes meet over steamed tea
and the coffee you consume to survive
the amount of sugar d
into it is simply astonishing
I swear you run purely on caffeine, spite and dead poet's society quotes
which you send to me at witching hour      

you can't be real. yet i see you 
in every face passing by
you are smiling, waving me over
but nothing is real in a coffee shop.
nothing is real
it's all built out of delicate spun sugar
and screenwriter's laptop dreams
the smells lift me beyond all the frothed fantasies
building a life out of steamed milk and cream

i saw you on the weekend 
far from this coffee shop
and far from the ghosts of our happiness
our own kind of happiness
i haven't felt it in awhile

so i'll lose myself in delicate spun sugar.
find meaning in screenwriter dreams.
let the smells lift me higher.
i think i have become a 

*cafe writer*


laptop dreams of my own
when i finish, will you
read my novel?
receive a piece of my soul 

i'm clutching my tea
i think it is my
the way I embraced you
before you got onto the bus

the echoes and the ghosts are pulling at my coffee stains
staining further
how is it so?
i can feel so low floating in amongst the smells
like my matcha. 
guess i picked the right drink.

- do you know, this place is written in your words
and coffee stains
delicate spun sugar.
screenwriter dreams.
uplifting smells. 
and the feeling of being in love with a place
blurred edges, small smiles
and the poetry 
that is 

finding words to write
the poetry of
written in coffee pt. II / remix i suppose
another one very loosely based on real events 
original poem / pt. I : written in coffee
also reference to our own kind of happiness

i think i just quoted myself extensively. 


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  • _streaks_of_stars_

    Re: Thanks for your comments!! I love itttt so much and I LOVED THIS PIECE AS WELL. IT GAVE ME A VIVID IMAGE. AHH

    11 days ago
  • McCarthy.u

    Re: Thanks for your comment !!! It means a lot

    11 days ago
  • FlightofDragons05

    RE: thanks for the like!

    11 days ago
  • Eblinn

    Re: thank you :))
    This is a lovely poem!

    11 days ago
  • SUSHmita

    Re: Thank you!! :D

    12 days ago
  • Paris E.

    Well, points of the bat for your title, it reminded me of that one see in Coraline. I love love love the structure of this and your imagery is on point!

    12 days ago
  • Zirong

    “so i'll lose myself in delicate spun sugar./find meaning in screenwriter dreams. ”
    "when i finish, will you/read my novel?/receive a piece of my soul"

    awww this is such a heart-warming piece, and the format is just so lovely!!!

    re: thanks a lot!

    13 days ago
  • Helena

    Re: Thank you

    13 days ago
  • rosie_

    re: thank you!! <3

    14 days ago
  • Helena

    Ahhhhh so beautiful! I'd already read part 1, which was amazing, but this is just as good

    14 days ago