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By: Abrianna

PROMPT: [Insert Age]

I was a child.
Sunny days, Breathless frights,
Kisses by Daddy, Camping nights,
Playing in creeks, Swinging on ropes,
Songs by evening, Never ending hopes.

Then I grew some.
Reading a Hardy Boy's book,
Finding a pretty, woodsy nook,
School is hard but I like it,
Stretched by the campfire I lit.

Then I grew some more..
Then I noticed to much around me,
Feeling hurt like no one loved me,
Wishing I could be so great,
Always feeling just to late.

Now I'm 18.
I don't get kisses from Daddy,
I'm not quite that carefree,
I don't read the Hardy Boy's,
I don't feel that lonely.

I try to enjoy every moment,
I laugh all I want and don't care,
My childhood is gone, kinda sad.
But my life is not gone,
Challenge yourself, and smile.

-Abrianna :)

Peer Review

This is such a cute poem. I honestly loved it all but the "Kisses by Daddy" was so sweet and relatable.

I would probably want to hear more from you about how you coped with loneliness and positivity without much help or love as you used to get as a child.

Reviewer Comments

That's it. Sorry, this is my first review so I hope I did this correctly. Great poem.