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Misterwives- Our Own House Album Review

May 22, 2015

I had the pleasure of seeing MisterWives open for twenty one pilots on the Quiet is Violent tour after I’d been jamming to the Reflections EP all summer. Ever since then, I was highly anticipating the debut album Our Own House. Truly, this album packs a punch that was hinted at in Reflections and definitely felt live. The title track completely sums up MisterWive’s sound in one kick-ass-80’s-pop-dance-jam of a song. You can no help but completely rock out to the clever guitar melodies and pounding drums. Mandy’s voice is utterly amazing and her cool and controlled vocals truly guide the song through the various intensities. She is almost begging you to sing along by the second chorus. The song also highlights the fun-loving horn lines that are definitely characteristic of Misterwives. My favorite track on the album is Queens. It is a surprisingly subdued song compared to the rest of the album, but I think a wonderful way to cool down after the party that is Our Own House. The drums are very conspicuous in this track, and almost have wet sound to them. The lyrics definitely hint that it is a sentimental song, and it’s uplifting qualities definitely peak at the last chorus. There the warm layered choir vocals are the most prevalent at this point, and again Mandy has a way of practically begging you to sing along. This album is just fun to listen to, especially in the car. Jam out at stoplights like the old woman next to you isn’t there.


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