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It’s my first poem. I know it’s a little all over the place but I just went with the flow :))


October 13, 2021


We’re inside. Crack. Bang. 
We’re safe. We’re safe-
The electric cries cannot come for you. 
Because we are hidden away, safe and sound. 

We’re inside. Thank the heavens!
We’re going to be safe, we’re going to be fine. 
Those outside better get shelter, there will be damage done; for the Earth is cruel today!

Is it the earth that is cruel? 

Is it the earth, that is cruel?

A flower can bloom with more colour than one. 
A butterfly will fly with patterns so soon!
A tree will grow to the highest high,
And the rain, yes, the rain is nigh. 

But the rain is not cruel;
I promise, I promise!
The rain waters soil,
It provides this upon us. 

Then the flowers bloom, butterflies fly 
And trees are set to grow, 
And we can dance and laugh
Because of our earth below. 

So, I ask again, is the earth cruel?

The Earth is beautiful. It smiles, it laughs. 
It’s creative, and has characteristics a human can have. 
The Earth gets angry, and lets out frustration.
We know this by calculating a lighting bolt equation. 

Crack. Bang. And that is you: inside. 
Hiding from the Earth because it gets angry sometimes. 
Under the duvet or deep in comfort food. 
You throw the wrappers in the bin, not knowing their worth. Not knowing how they damage. Not knowing they pollute. 

And there. That is what is cruel. 

You are being cruel for polluting the earth.
There is no hiding from that.
It will come back to haunt us and that will 
Be a day… not too far beyond us. 

Watch what you use, plastic and fake,
Another plastic bag. Another bottle for waste. 
Can’t you be nicer?
Maybe smile and laugh-

Because our Earth is dying, it’s not just some graph.
  1. Thunder is something cruel and scary. Earth makes it happen. we can hide from it
  2. But the earth is also beautiful so don’t be too harsh. 
  3. maybe bad things can be good too. Aka; rain.
  4. Earth is kinda like us. We do him a favour he does us one (the art and beauty of the world)
  5. let’s not pollute because that’s what’s mean. The Earth gets angry like us, but we don’t count that as cruel, we can say that that is a normal human emotion. But when the earth gets angry, it’s cruel?


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  • thebookishfey

    oh, wow, this is really good! i love the topic you've chosen!
    welcome to WtW! if you have any questions or want a review, don't hesitate to drop a comment on one of my pieces, I'm glad to help!
    have a lovely day / night :)

    14 days ago