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Emma Clary

By: anonymous

PROMPT: Inventory

Name: Emma Clary 

Age: 15

Town: Indionapolis, Indiana

Country: United States

Things that are inside Emma's backpack:

1. A Harry Potter book

2. A wallet with spare change

3. Her phone

4. An extra phone charger

5. Earbuds

6. Another teen fiction book

From just the things in her bag you can tell that Emma is a somewhat quiet girl who enjoys reading and being on her phone listening to music tucked away from others. 

Peer Review

You pretty much covered everything that can be interpreted from your list.

Probably the Harry Potter book. This is the most descriptive item on your list. Since it's fantasy, the reader can tell Emma is a daydreamer. Just by listing the name of the book series, you can tell she's probably a teenager (ie you could infer this if the reader wasn't folder her age) and you can tell she's not one of those people who hate anything that's mainstream.

Reviewer Comments

Your items are very vague so it's hard to really get a lot of info about what type of person Emma is. You have a great starting place, but you should go back and add some more detail. Is her phone a smart phone or is it a flip phone? What color is it? Is it cracked and shattered or is it in mint condition?