I Wish..

May 22, 2015

10 Things I Wish Were True

1. Food was free.

2. Money grew on trees.

3. People always treated others fairly.

4. There was a cure for cancer.

5. You could forget a book that you've already read so that you can read it again.

6. I could remember everything I learn.

7. Everyone got their 'Knight in Shining Armour.'

8. No one would be homeless or starving.

9. Heaven had a telephone. 

10. And lastly, I wish it were true that wishes came true.


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  • Aspen Gray

    Your other ones too. Sorry, I need to stop just commenting rampantly. Very insightful wishes.

    about 5 years ago
  • Aspen Gray

    Number I really, truly agree.

    about 5 years ago