stories for when you need an escape


1. in which they fix Josie's heart
2. you'll forget, but I hope you don't remember
3. Fern twists perception
4. Quorin gets a world revolution

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hi! this is an alternate account, and a mini project I intend to do before I leave wtw next year

I'm planning to upload a series of short stories that are meant to make you feel happy by the end.

if this has helped you, do share it, like it, or follow me so I can notify you when the next part is up :)

writer's note:
Because i take them as a brief escape from reality, these pieces will also intensely rely on visual or symbolic imagery and allegory. But the stories are written such that they don't force you to understand these deeper meanings in order to follow the plot.
Plus, close to none of the stories have allusion to real life.

stories for when ur sad | 1. in which they fix Josie's heart| part I

September 18, 2021


Carrying a girl of her condition was extremely dangerous. But they had no choice. Josie was barely breathing.

"Careful! You don't want to break it further, Quorin." Aulette made sure not to snap at the youngest boy.

"But, Madame Aulette," Fern defended Quorin. "We'll never make it at this rate. The sun's going to set and we're only halfway there..."

"...and then, Doctor Agape is going to leave," ---between pants, Fern's elder brother, Melvis, continued--- "and then she'll take over and she will---"

"We know Melvin. We all know." Aulette hushed.

They went on hefting Josie down a few more streets before the sun shrank beneath the valley. And then it sank in. This reality of Josie's soul slipping beyond their reach, into the deepening blue sky.

And it petrified Aulette.

"Children," She finally decided. "Fern is right. I'm afraid we must run now."

The three of them nodded and flocked with her into the woods. The smell of soil and sweet dew filled their lungs, snow crunched under their feet and a murder of crows shrieked from afar as they bolted past.

At last, they arrived in the clearing--a field winter decided to ignore. It held a cottage among tiny flowers dotting across emerald grass. But the group's only concern the man in white coat, locking the cottage door.

"DOCTOR AGAPE! STOP! WAIT!" Aulette lay Josie under a huge tree and sprang toward the him. "Doctor please, wait."

Doctor Agape spun to look. His surprised auburn eyes shifting between three worried children huddling around their unconscious friend and a frantic lady scrambling towards him.

"Madame, deep breaths." His voice comforted with an empathy that understood all the devastation Aulette suffered.

He waited as she calmed down.

"That's better." Doctor Agape beamed. "Now, if you would just wait here, I'll have a look at the child--and if necessary--stabilise her condition. Doctor Philautia should arrive shortly to treat her."

Everything inside her twists.


"Yes." He nodded. "She and I may disagree on many things, but I can assure that Philautia is a fine doctor."

"No. No. No, please. You-We can't ask her. The Oracle warned us." Aulette hastily followed the doctor as he approached Josie. "Please. You have to help her. Please."

Quorin marched over quickly when he caught them approaching.

"Doctor Agape." He planted his small figure boldly infront of the tall man.

Fern and Melvis perked up to listen.

"I'm not big or important as Madame Aulette, but please treat Josie. I'll give you anything to treat her. Anything at all." Fear was shining in his eyes.

Aulette glanced up briefly to notice the vivid war of amazement flash briefly over Doctor Agape's eyes.

"Alright. Did either of you see a black figure along the way?" Doctor Agape inquired firmly.

Aulette and Quorin shook their heads.

He proceeded to ask. "Can all of you promise not to expose anything I'm about to do?"

Aulette gasped. He was going against the code to treat Josie!

"Of course we can, doctor! The children and I shall swear it on our lives."

"That'll do. Thank you." He extracted a small vial and swirled it so the fluid inside distilled to a molten gold. Then, in each of Josie's eyes, he carefully dripped a spot of liquid.

The girl took a deep breath and exhaled with a smile. Rosy pink spreaded over her cheeks.

All them stared in amazement and Doctor Agape explained, "The Elixir of Reverie. It should keep her condition stable while we move out."

"Move out?!" Melvis frowned defensively. "To where?"

"To my place, lad." The doctor gracefully lifted Josie from the stretcher. "Your friend's heartbreak is quite complicated. I would need time to observe and fix it."

"Fine, okay." Melvis waved his hand. "Which way?"

"Thank you for that, dear boy," Doctor Agape turned to everyone. "This way."


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  • M-Dog68

    This is really good. Amazing Job

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    re ohhhhh i know that account (as in ive read some of your stuff there). soooo why did you make another account?
    you know what actually, this is my second account too. my first one is a secret but it's honestly such a good idea to have different ones. for example, in my first one i write in a different format and this way i find my writing and thoughts are much more organized.

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    re: thank you :)
    hey, i was just gonna write welcome to wtw but then i read the message box. you might not want to say it, but can i ask what your other account is? im curious lol.

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