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some favs:

"that is the problem. if she wanted to dance I would let her wreck the furniture. if she wanted to cook i would let her burn down the house. and if she wanted to scream i'd let her deafen me. I've never loved anyone enough to let them destroy me but God, she could take me by the throat and my eyes would sparkle at the mere inches between us." –distortionly (via tumblr)

"not everything is hopeless; we must hope for something." –Euripides

"there must be something strangely sacred in salt. It is in our tears and in the sea." –Khalil Gibran

"a mente cria an melencolia mil filosofias"

and finally, for whoever needs this:

"listen, are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?" –mary oliver

my heart is magazine scraps and elmers glue

September 16, 2021


my heart is made of 

​i. brown paper bags of things that reminded her of me

ii. newspapers i will never read

iii. messy lists of songs scribbled in haste and hidden

iv. chlorine and smudged mascara

v. wilting flowers and wisteria arches

vi. warpaint and midnight dancing

vii. hidden cities tucked amongst ruined forests

viii. soft piano chords in empty houses

ix. colorful lights and gilded books


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  • Toikupu~est

    absolutely amazing!! in awe here, hello!

    about 1 month ago