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i am hollow all the way through; watch me float away

September 18, 2021


my chest has been carved out by my daydreams;
                     all the lives I’m not living leave me hollow.

the worst feeling is to feel nothing at all.
underneath these  m o n k e y   b a r s ,
              The sky is  f
                                 a     onto my shoulders.
i carry an empty burden,
           but it’s agonising nonetheless.

when i was younger, 
           i thought i could be anything i wanted,

hanging from those shiny red  r u n g s .
             now I know paint peels
             and lights dim
             and bones break.

and i thought growing up meant making sense of things;
                                              turning stars into constellations 
                                                            and constellations into pictures.

                                              my ink stains into words,
                                                                and words into p / o / e / m / s.

if that is true, then i must be peter pan,
                because i can't even make sense of myself. 

i am raw and ragged,
              i'm the most broken thing in this playground.
                                          unmapped and unmappable.

an eq + ua = tion without a solution,
sitting empty between play equipment.


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  • kaylasghost

    i love this so much i don't have words- the formatting is jafkdvckfjdlsanc all of it js sublime but i think my fav line is "i carry an empty burden,/but it’s agonising nonetheless." DUDE YOU ARE SO TALENTED

    5 days ago
  • vastexpansion

    So I just stalked your account, and I am IN LOVE with your writing style. All of your pieces carry so much beauty and this one, I especially love.

    8 days ago
  • shruu

    beautifully written!

    8 days ago