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I'm a 15-year-old girl who loves Minecraft. I've played it for almost 7 years now. I'm wildly interested in its universe as well as the mysteries and creepypastas that surround the game.

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This story takes place in the Minecraft universe. It's told through the eyes of the main character Steve. He sets out in search for Alex. Before he gets far, he makes a new so-called "friend". Steve doesn't really second guess it. But I'm sure you're a little skeptical. Are they actually Steve's friend? Will they help him with Herobrine, or turn their back on him the first chance they get?

The Herobrine Hunters - Chapter 6

September 14, 2021


| black as night | over the trees | bound in rope |

    STEVE GRABBED all the supplies he could carry: a sword, bow, fishing rod, various potions, and a shield. He even put on his diamond chestplate. He found himself trying to choose between bringing golden apples or enchanted golden apples, so he just decided on both. He was in a rush after all, and would need all the power he could gather. 
    Even after quickly checking over all of his stuff, Steve knew that it still wouldn’t be enough to defeat Herobrine. But that’s not my goal, he thought. I just need to save Alex. 
    Since he only had one spare diamond sword, Steve took off his belt and set it in his utility chest. He secured the sword into its scabbard on his back, careful not to cut himself with the razor-sharp blade. Then he grabbed his bow, packed away a few blue-feathered arrows and strapped on his shield.
    Before he left, he checked his gray reflection in the sun-lit floor. If this were a different scenario, Steve would almost look intimidating. Like he could take on an entire pillager raid plus a couple of ravagers. 
    With another quick sweep of his supplies, the door to his house shut for what seemed like the last time. He hoped that it wasn’t, but the feeling in his gut just wouldn’t leave him be. It made him sick, nausea pouring over his body like waves on the shore. 
    He took a deep breath and headed towards the woods. Surely Alex would be somewhere nearby. There’s nothing but trees, which provided plenty of cover for nearly anything to hide in.
    “But which way should I go?” he asked aloud.
    Ahead, a voice whispered in his head. Go forward. 
    “Who’s there?” Steve knew by now that any voice he heard in his mind was never his own. 
    The voice hesitated. The trees, it finally said.
    Well, that’s not very specific, Steve thought. But nonetheless, he skimmed the woods. His anticipation in finding the owner of the disembodied voice rose. He searched until he finally found it: The silhouette of a man sticking out from behind one of the outer trees. All Steve could see was his white eyes. 
    He pulled out his sword. “Herobrine?”
    “No,” said the figure. 
    Hearing the voice aloud almost made Steve jump. “Then who?” he asked. “Reveal yourself. I don’t have time for this.”
    “Oh I know. You’re looking for a girl, right? I think her name is Alex? I believe I passed by her on the way here.”
    Steve’s heart dropped into his stomach. “How do you know her name? Who are you?”
    “Let’s just say… a friend.” The man suddenly appeared in front of Steve. He was as black as night. Dark ash swirled around his body like a miniature tornado. The sleek black clothing and shoes he wore matched the shade of his skin exactly. His short, dark gray hair swept across the top of his bright white eyes.
    “Null.” Steve instinctively reached for his sword. “You’re Null, the darker aspect of Herobrine. You were given the gift of conscience by the white-eyed demon himself.”
    Null frowned. “That is correct. You seem to know so much about me, yet I know so little about you. What is your name?”
    Steve hesitated. “It’s… Steve.” 
    “Put away your weapon, Steve. I’m not here to fight you. I’m here to help.”
    Steve was a little skeptical now. “Help me? Why?”
    Null seemed to deflate. “Herobrine had captured some prisoners in a raid of a player base. One of them was my love Hannah. Herobrine began to torture the players, one by one. Most didn’t survive past the first round. 
    “She was the last one left. I didn’t want her to get hurt. So when Herobrine went out, I helped her escape. It was the only thing I could do. He found out what had happened as soon as he returned. So he charged me for treason and punished me byー” he choked back a sob. “ーby forcing me to watch him execute her. My kind, beautiful Hannah.”
    “Oh my Notch.” Steve put a hand on Null’s shoulder. “I’m so sorry.”
    Null shied away a little. “I just don’t want what happened to me to happen to you.”
     Maybe the man wasn’t as bad as Steve thought. He seemed to show some heart. Sure, in the past he probably terrorized a few people. But losing his love had changed him. Steve believed that he could trust him.
    “I understand. We both have a common enemy. So here’s the deal: You show me where he’s keeping Alex, and I’ll help you get your revenge.” Steve held out his hand. “Deal?”
    Null hesitated, then shook it. “Deal. So, would you rather fly or teleport?”
    Steve hadn’t really thought about the method of travel. Just getting there. “You can fly?” he asked. He immediately wondered if it was rude to ask someone about their powers.
    Null chuckled. “No, it’s not rude. Oh and excuse me for doing so, but I read your mind.”
    “No, it’s okay,” Steve answered. “As long as I can keep some of it to myself.”
    Null nodded in agreement. “So anyways, it’s sort of hard to explain. The short answer is yes, but actually no. The long answer is that I can actually do telekinesis, which is the power to move things with your mind. But if I visualize a ‘point’ within myself as an anchor, I can lift myself up. 
    “Therefore yes, I can fly. But I can only do it in short bursts to preserve energy. With another person, it would be even shorter. Therefore it would also be faster.”
    Steve didn’t want to drain all of Null’s energy. But on the other hand, he had gotten so used to teleportation with Clepo. He sort of wanted to try something new. “I would like to fly, if it’s not too much trouble.”
    “Not at all, my friend.” Null held out his hand. “As long as you can hold on.”
    Steve grabbed it and almost immediately they shot into the sky like a firework. They got about 30 blocks high before Null leveled them out. 
    The wind was very refreshing as it blew in Steve’s face and stuck his hair back. He could see the tops of the trees as he zipped past them. They were so close that he could almost touch them. But he valued his fingers too much to risk, especially at the speed they were going, getting them cut by the branches.
    A little later they began to slowly descend. Null, straining with exhaustion, did his best to land them softly onto the ground. 
    “Hereーweーare,” Null gasped between breaths. He wiped away beads of sweat with his sleeve. “We’re mere blocks away from the clearing where Herobrine’s keeping your girl.”
    “Thank you.” Steve smiled gratefully.
    “This way,” Null motioned ahead of them. “Quietly.
    Steve followed Null through the trees. They moved swiftly as they used their surroundings for cover. A minute turned into five. 
    Perhaps they hadn’t flown as close as Steve had thought. But it wasn’t a big deal. Null seemed pretty bone-tired just from that one trip. Steve would feel awful to push him any further. 
    Just as he started to lose hope Steve began to hear voices. He immediately dove behind a tree, Null following after him. Together they gazed into a clearing. The sight made Steve widen his eyes in horror.
    Alex kneeled at the base of a leafless tree. Her hands were tied behind her back and her legs were bound together. Her clothes were badly ripped and she was covered in bruises. She hung her head low in defeat, some sort of gag having been shoved into her mouth.
    Herobrine was sitting on a tree stump facing away from Steve. “ーso you see, Alex,” he was saying. “All you have to do is cooperate. Your boyfriend will be here soon. When that time comes, you will no longer be of use to me. Thenー” he pulled out his diamond sword “ーI’ll take care of both of you myself.”
    Anger coursed through Steve’s veins. He refused to sit there and let Herobrine torture Alex like this. It was time for action.
    “So, what’s the plan?” Steve whispered.
    “You’ll distract Herobrine,” Null explained. “Then I’ll teleport and ambush him from behind. He’ll never see it coming. Plus, we’ll have the element of surprise.”
    “Right. Surprise.” Steve pulled out his sword. “On the count of three?”
    “Three,” Null agreed.
    “One. Two. Three!”
    Null disappeared in a puff of smoke. 
    Steve leaped out from behind the tree. Alex cried out at him, tears streamed from her eyes like twin waterfalls.
    Herobrine spun in his seat. “Hello, Steve.”
    “Let her go, Herobrine.” Steve stepped forward, his sword at the ready. “Or else.”
    In a blur or movement, Herobrine was on his feet. He grabbed Alex and put her at s. “Do you want a headless girlfriend? I wouldn’t take another step if I were you.”
    Alex eyed the sword and tried to wiggle out of Herobrine’s grasp, screaming incoherently into her gag. He thrusted her forward. Having no hands to catch herself with, she landed face-flat into the dirt. 
    Then Herobrine picked her up by the back of her shirt, flipped her over, and slammed her against the tree. She crumpled to the ground like a sapling to an axe. She lay there, her body shaking with silent, racking sobs.
The sixth chapter of my book.


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