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look alive, sunshine
christian and queer
genderfluid guy
once i was compared to sylvia plath. good thing because great poet, bad bc depression lmao

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in other news i love yall <3 and ik i don't get as many likes or comments as I used to, and for good reason, but every single one makes me smile nonetheless

at 3 AM

September 14, 2021


awake in the late,
late hours of night
lie in wait
for feelings to abate.
you're all I want,
all I want is to be free
be me
but who is me
if I change every day?
I want to be her,
I want to touch her hair;
I want to be him,
I want his even figure,
I want his chest on mine,
I want his body for my own,
or as myself?
I talk to you in my mind sometimes,
and I'd be lying if I said
I wasn't afraid of loving you for not who you are,
but for who I think you are.
how I dearly want you,
do I want to trade skin
or trade mouths?
I am sure, however, of this:
this world is full of uncertainties,
and my life will be no different.
210 Lilac Sky by Goody Grace


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