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17 year old poet/ writer. I play cello, piano, and tin whistle, read a lot, and garden. Raven claw, Earth Nation, Cancer if any of those mean something to you :P

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Something Real

September 14, 2021


Pour my loneliness into these sheets,
there’s no rain today.
We hear it washes things away.
Hints under the door
of a citrus light,
of a cocoon and warmth, of
breaking the brilliance of emptiness,
And say,
I have lived eternity in 18 years;
I am nothing short of
that heartbreak.
And say,
maybe it’s time to stop living your life
in measures of ache.
But how can I
so much forever grasp the darkness for ghosts,
haunted by citrus and illusory embrace?
Lying awake
before letting that go,
that grasp, as if it was something real.
And never fall asleep
if I feel something
enfold me.


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