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September 14, 2021


I Don’t Know, Do You?
Something is in my head 
a monster? 
it makes everything difficult, everything scary and confusing-
it makes chaos. 
it makes anger when no one understands. 
it makes normal things distracting like, like, like
                                                                                   i hear electricity. 
                                                                                    my head needs different noises- no, not that noise. 
                                                                                                that noise is too… noisy… 

i don’t know what like. 
it makes no sense.
it makes me messy, overwhelmed, alone.
it makes me scared. 
What is it?
it feels like a fuzzy blanket wrapped about my brian like 
a jacket 
a straight jacket? 
no, too obvious, too easily seen, too easily blamed;
like a jacket a few sizes too small,
unnoticeable by anyone else
just me 
just me
just me 
trust me?
believe me?
help me?
                                                                          Help me. 
Something is in my head
and i’m scared 
what if it’s not a monster?
what if it’s me?


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  • Odyssey

    So good

    12 days ago
  • julia*

    woah- this is so so so good. the questioning, the storyline, wow, amazing. i absolutely love the title. it- wow

    12 days ago