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hey! im a teen writer trying to fill a whole lot of blank pages. i love, english (who doesn't), painting, drawing, theatre, poetry and music. kind of awkward but aren't we all?
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okay you can run, but can you fly?

you left her, mrs sallow

September 14, 2021


Every corner of the house reminded her of her daughter
Her night long laments would never make up for what she had done

she distanced herself so much
that she forgot she had a daughter
leaving poor beatrice to rot 
without her own mother by her side

mrs sallow now recalls the last time
she saw beatrice
pale in the hospital bed
'mother, please don't go'

perhaps it was the fact 
that her husband died this way
but that is no excuse
the peonies sit withered on the counter

mrs sallow never visisted the cemetary
because she couldn't face beatrice
not in the state of death
then again, not in the state of life

she hopes that beatrice has found happiness
something better than
what she was left with
a world where she is never abandoned 
i feel like doing this as like a series...soooo, this is part 2! if you enjoy this look out for the next one :) - lila


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  • September 14, 2021 - 5:27am (Now Viewing)

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  • .amelia.

    I like how you titled the piece by directly addressing the character, and then started with a couplet before going for regular quartrains.

    re: thx! and, high five for liking surrealism. especially like it when there's symbolism and allegory underneath :)

    12 days ago
  • red-dust-rose

    Wow, I didn't pack a lunch for this feels trip.

    13 days ago
  • Cornelia_girl

    Oh this is sad .... really sad....I hope no one has to experience this in real life......I truly read this because of the title but When I saw T.swift ,I decided I'd follow up on the series....can't wait for the next piece

    13 days ago