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I've written you a letter saying everything I wish I said when we had time (footnotes)

By: ~Zoe~


Sometimes I hear people walking through the walls of this house, 
their footsteps are quiet, they don't want to wake me from sleep, 
but their faces are shown in scratches on the walls, 
the paint chips off, someone digs their nails into the wood, 
I wonder if we are trying to reach each other although the world does not want us to be together. 
If I scratch at the walls enough, 
you'll feel my touch and crawl through to me. 

Sometimes I have wondered if before I die, 
I should write you an eternity of my thoughts, 
you know what I mean to say will wilt when I try to write it, 
there could never be enough scraps of paper and ink in this world for me to write all the reasons why
I love you. 
perhaps I should try anyway, 
or I think I would regret not telling you. 

I hope the two of us can find each other again.
Until then, 
I have written you a letter, 
I hope it explains everything I wish I had said when we had time. 

I hope it isn't to late to tell you how much I love you. 

Sooo, I was trying to fall asleep last night and I heard these footsteps coming from the wall right behind my head. I started freaking out because my whole family was sleeping and that's creepy that I don't know who it was and it sounded like the footsteps were coming from inside the wall. I got out of bed and wrote a poem.  The inspiration came from the footsteps I heard, letters found in walls (in old houses), and the story The Yellow Wallpaper.


Message to Readers

I had my first day of school today :) My school starts really late lol
It was an okay day.
hope you guys are well!

Peer Review

I like the story behind it that was said in the footnotes. Hearing the footsteps, which inspired u to write this. Also the first Stanza is really intriguing, especially the first line.

Maybe some additional details with writing the letter and the thoughts about wondering if they should write an eternity of thoughts before they die. I did get a little bit lost around the end.

No additional comments.