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they/them | 6.2.2020
genderfluid | christian

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"Besides, when I am alone, I can become invisible."

-Mary Oliver

breath in the depths of my lungs

September 16, 2021



Oh, listen to the silence;
to the syncopation in my head.
I can breathe again, now that
the world has stepped away, now that
I have closed the door.

I’ve been collecting rose petals and
arranging them in rows—perfect beauty
and it’s right at my fingertips.
Forgive me for playing God, it’s all I know.
When the lights go out I vanish
like a moth; I exist and yet-

when everything falls away I let out
my bound exhale, shadows falling
from the depths of my lungs, dedicated
to the fading light of the sun.
I don’t have to be holy on my own
and that’s why it feels authentic after all.

Oh, listen to the silence;
here I ebb and flow, my shoreline
is a Man-Made Thing, just like me.
My mirror echoes;
    I am all alone,
and I’ve never felt more at home.



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  • Anne Blackwood

    Also if you don't have time but a certain piece(s) comes to mind that'd be awesome!

    2 days ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    oh hey um i saw that u helped rwong choose scholastics pieces and IF YOU HAVE TIME AND ENERGY AND ONLY IF YOU DO would you consider helping me? i think i have some options but i really value your opinion. either that or/and a review once i start republishing my entries for review. i've done that for one already, but tbh i'd be even more appreciative if you spent your time on one of my more promising prospects once i republish one.

    2 days ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Okay sorry it took so flipping long to read this but WOW was it worth the wait

    2 days ago
  • Odyssey

    This is absolute perfection.

    7 days ago
  • rwong

    re: ahhhh omgggg thank you so muchhh ell!!!! super super helpful and thank you so much for taking the time to read/choose between my 50-some pieces!!!
    ok one note: my house is forever silent is off the list cause i've actually submitted it elsewhere and got it published so thats why its still up on my profile (although i do think i might not have unpublished it before...whoops copyright issues ahhh) butttt other than that! all the other pieces are fair play!! im gonna reread them now and figure out which ones would be good w ur input; huge huge HUGE thanks ell!!!! luv you! <3
    p.s. always happy to return the favor, if you want!!

    8 days ago
  • !snapcracklepop!

    re: yes, we stan nb representation in this houseeee-

    re re: I didn't know mulberries were edible? I thought they were like, poisonous? Welp. The more you know.

    8 days ago
  • The_Sunrise_Queen

    UUUGGHHHHHHHH your writing is SOOO AmAzINg!!!!

    8 days ago
  • rwong

    re: no seriously ell pls don’t feel bad!! ur health + school are vvvv important and i totally get it :) hope you’re wonderful!! <3

    8 days ago
  • !snapcracklepop!

    just gonna plop this here:

    8 days ago
  • mirkat

    this: "I don’t have to be holy on my own" ahhh blue you are legit magic like you know how to encapsulate feelings, bottle 'em up, and release them into the world... how?? and i love that this poem was inspired by a mary oliver poem, right? how are you? i finally finished my film review, but the end just doesn't work and, only if you have time, maybe you could review it?? that would mean so much to me, your reviews are so helpful. but! if you are overwhelmed and do not have time, do not feel guilty for not doing it!!! anywayyyy. how's flying going?? <3

    9 days ago
  • rwong

    re: drizzly grey day??? its really warm and sunny here (high 80s-90s i think...) so theres that. crazy how being in different states drastically changes the weather...but i guess it does!! (that makes me sound so dumb LOL)
    ooo wizard of oz!! and you GET TO FLY??? omg how does that work pls tell me moreee i'm intrigued now lol
    ok thank you so much in advance!! when you were almost at school, i had just woken up to get ready for school so thats cool haha :)
    how was ur day?

    9 days ago
  • Yes_iKnowimShort

    Re: thank you

    9 days ago
  • rwong

    ohhhh im not like 3 weeks late to this piece yayyy :)) so honored to get to read it before the majority of wtw, at least haha.
    anyway. gorgeous work (once again!) and ughhh the imageryyyyy im literally sighing in the beauty of it. its so heartfelt and genuine, like im just reading the thoughts from your head, but also like idk everything about this is just. so. perfect. ermmm fav lines (as though i could choose one cause i love every bit of this, the flow, the word choice, a;lskdf everythinggg ahhh) "Forgive me for playing God, it’s all I know." and "shadows falling / from the depths of my lungs, dedicated / to the fading light of the sun." like omg ell how do you do it. teach me your wayss ahhh amazing lovely beautiful perfect work, ell <3 <3
    re: mwahaha also not a 3 week late reply. i have more time today, which feels insanely weird, but really good. not as much hw this week which makes me happy. aww what happened at school today? and the play!! which play? and which role?? (sorry bout all the questions LOL) and yess letters im still so insanely amazed that i have 2 pen pals. crazy, absolutely crazy, and i love it. i've been pretty good, hopefully this week stays chill, fingers crossed! hoping to write some more soon :)
    oh and ell? could i ask you a favor? im thinking about submitting to scholastic's art&writing competition and i was wondering if you could look through my pieces and see which ones you like more? no rush and if you dont have time, dont worry about it :) but i'd really appreciate it if you could!!
    anyway! have a wonderful dayyy!! <3 <3 <3

    9 days ago
  • Chai Tea

    Breathtaking! I love how authentic and raw your imagery feels.
    I have no words; this is incredible.

    10 days ago