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September 19, 2021


The teenage experience is 
as simple or as complicated
as you want to make it, 
I've decided. 

The media overplays it to an astoundingly
aesthetic degree, as if we, young adults with 
zit-littered faces and limbs that just seem 
too long for our bodies
Are worth peeling back with a set of iron sharp 
teeth disguised in a forth-coming smile. 

On the small screen, no one is safe from 
the dazzle of the IT girl and the IT boy, 
and the result of the sum? Netflix's most
highly paid actors for the year. 

Yes, they are beautiful, but so 
are we, in our tangled up, awkward, 
often overly-melodramatic fantasies. 

Focus on us, please. 
Okay, so...I watched some of Euphoria over summer break. And I have to say that I didn't like it. The main character (I forget her name, sorry, Zendaya.) is going through multiple different life struggles all at once, and the show chooses to portray in a way that while absolutely stunning to look at, doesn't capture what it means to be a teenager. 

I guess this was my way of processing those feelings. I hope you enjoyed this despite the tangent I just went on. 



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  • SunV

    Love this so much. As a teenager in the middle of her teenage years, I can relate so much (I think everyone who has ever been a teenager can). The media/Shows&movies tend to portray us at the extremes: we're either extremely freckled, gangly, and don't have a clue about anything, or we're stunning, know-it-alls, and wise beyong our years.

    I think this is why I really love the show 'Girl Meets World'. Although I've outgrown the usual watcher age, they've portrayed so many different types of teenagers-- the awkward ones, the cool ones, the pretty ones, and the smart ones, and they've shown that you can be more that one at once, and can be somewhere in the centre.

    That being said, no portrayal is perfect, and that's something we as humans need to work on.

    5 days ago
  • Kay_Vonne

    I appreciate this very much and it is, in my opinion, well written. It dragged me write in just by the title. Maybe because I’m a teenager and I relate to this a bit, but I do love this piece and understand it.

    6 days ago