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The man in the dream (footnotesssss)

September 14, 2021



 I stand in the hotel lobby and I watch the boy splatter paint over the wall. It's as if I’m not even there. Nothing could stop him from unleashing his creativity. I had been watching him painting for a few hours now. Every minute his painting got more and more beautiful. It's filled with colours. If a person was miserable and they walked into this room, their attitude would instantly change. The painting looks familiar. Like a person. A girl. With wavy blonde hair and mysterious blue eyes. It almost looks like…me. I know that it probably isn’t. I didn’t even know the boy who was painting. If I didn’t know him, how would he know me? Could it be a coincidence that he had painted me. Or I did know him but just forgot. Whatever it is I decide to finally step out from behind the door and see who he really was. I walk in but he keeps painting. It isn’t until I walk in front of him that he sees that I was there. It takes me a while to realise but I've seen him before. In a dream.

“Who are you?” he asks. 
“Really. You don’t see any resemblance,” I say, walking to stand next to the painting on the wall. His eyes widen. “It’s you. I’ve seen you before. In a dream.” Now this was getting freaky. “I’ve seen you before in a dream as well,” I say, confused. “That can’t be a coincidence that I’ve seen you in a dream, and you’ve seen me in one,” He says. We both stand there, in silence, trying to figure out what's going on. “What happened in your dream?” I ask, curiously. He thinks hard. “Well you were there, and so was a man. He was tall, with tattoos and tan skin,” he describes. “You’re kidding. That’s what happens in my dream but to you,” I blurt, “Did the man look like this?” I say, pulling out a sketch from my pocket. I had drawn the man I saw in the dream last night. The dream had kept recurring every night. Apparently it had as well for the boy. “Thats exactly what he looks like!” he exclaims, “My name’s Gabe by the way”. I gave him my ‘Did i ask?’ look. “Look, if were going to spend time with each other trying to figure out what's happening, we might as well be mutual friends” he says. “Well then… I'm Matilda. Nice to meet you” I say, shaking his hand. ,

We go outside and sit down on the swings in the forest nearby. I sit on the grass and he is on the swing. “Tell me exactly what happened in your dream, one more time,” he asks. “Well you were in a room, a library and the man was there holding you by the neck. There was blood all over your shirt. The man was tall, muscly, tanned and bald. I'd seen his face before. I don't remember when though. I was watching from behind the bookshelf and then he saw me. He dropped you and you fell on the floor. You didn't move after that. Your blonde hair was drenched in blood. It was terrifying to see. Then the man came towards me. He dragged me by the top. I don't know what happens after. Every night the dream ends there.” i explain, shaking. He puts his hand on my shoulder. He could see that talking about the dream was difficult for me. He gives me a comforting smile. I was grinning to myself on the inside. One second later it felt uncomfortable to be sitting there with a guy I barely knew and figuring out a mystery. I moved my shoulder away from his hand. After a few minutes of not talking I finally speak up and ask, “What happens in your dream?” “Well the man's there but he's holding you and me by the neck. Your face was completely lifeless. Both of our clothes were soaked in blood. But there was something in your hand. A paper or a book. Something was written on it. Thats what you were reading before. The answer to the mystery was written on the piece of paper that YOU were holding. That's why the man had us. That's why you were dead. That's why I was going to be. Whatever was on that piece of paper was…” I couldn't takE it anymore. My head was spinning. I was getting serious deja vu. I couldn't think. The story that Gabe was telling was eerily familiar. Thats when it ticked. “Uh hello… earth to Matilda. Did you hear anything I just said?” Gabe says, waving his hand in front of my face. “Spike!’’ I blurt out loud.”Uh… what?” Gabe inquires. “When I was 7 I had a babysitter called Spike. He told me the story you were telling me just now. He said that two families were cursed to be in the same situation. He said that the last names of the families that were cursed were the McAddams and the Forresters. But McAddams is my last name. I didn't take him seriously at the time but… what if were the ones that are cursed?!” I worry. “Impossible. My last name is Anderson,” he justifies. “Nothing is impossible! The word literally says I'm possible!” I shout. “If you weren't screaming right now that would have sounded very inspirational,”he comments. Ugh. “Do you want to take a break? I can tell your getting stressed. You wanna grab some ice cream or something?” he asks. “Yeah, that'd be nice,” I reply.

 We both stand up and walk to the lighthouse at the beach, to buy some ice cream. I get cheesecake flavoured ice cream and he gets cookie dough. We go and sit on the beach together and talk a bit. It was sort of nice. He was the first friend I've made here in Miami in the past 4 years. He isn't as bad as I thought. He's kind of sweet. “Sooooo… that painting of me was really nice,” I compliment. “Yeah thanks, it was just so weird. My dad, the owner of the hotel, asked me to paint something on the wall to liven up the lobby. I didn't really have any ideas on what to paint so i just painted the girl from my dream. Who wouldn't be happier after that face? I know I would,” he says. I smile. We keep talking about different things here and there but then he mentions the dreams again.”So Spike told you that there was a tall tanned tattooed man holding an almost dead girl in one hand and an almost dead boy in the other, and the girl was holding something in her hand?” he interrogates.”Yes,” I reply. “And the thing the girl is holding is the key to the mystery?” “Yes,” “And he told you all of this when you were seven years old?” “I went through a phase for a few years. My parents really hated it. They were so sick of it that one more time I died my hair black they would make me live with my dog, Rebel, in the backyard.” I chuckle. We both burst out into laughter. Then his face goes serious. “Do you really think that the story Spike told you could be true?” he asks me. “I don't know. It might be with our while to call and ask him,’’ I say. “If you think we should then go ahead, only thing is that we don't have his number,” he states. “YOU don't, I do. We exchanged numbers before we moved from Las Vegas to Miami.” I clarify. “Ok then, call him,” Gabe says. “Can't right now, he's out for dinner,” I say. “How would you know that?!” Gabe quizzes. “Uh we TEXT. He texts and calls me everyday,” I answer. “Now that's dedication,’’ Gabe mutters under his breath. “What was that?” I ask. “Nothing,” he sighs. “Good." 

The next day

Gabe and I sit under the maple tree outside of the hotel and call Spike. He picks up the phone. “Hey Spike! I was just wondering, do you remember that story you told me when I was seven? Yeah that one. Yeah totally. So about that story, was it true or did you just make it up? Oh ok. Yep. You sure? Sweet, sounds great. Thanks so much. Love ya,” I say, talking to Spike over the phone. “So what did he say?” Gabe queries. “He said it's true and that he learnt about the story in school when his class to a trip to the museum,” I answer. “That's good but what about me. My last name isn't Forrester.’ Gabe replies.
“Oh how lovely to see you Mrs Anderson! Or do you prefer to go by Mrs Forrester now?!” We hear someone yelling in the distance. Gabe and I smile at each other and get up and run towards the voice. Turns out it was a maid calling out to Mrs Anderson who apparently was Gabe's mom. “Mom! What are you doing here?! Oh I'm so glad to see you!” Gabe screams with excitement and runs up to his mom to give her a hug. I walk up to the two and introduce myself to Mrs Anderson. “Hi I'm Matilda, Gabe's friend. Lovely to meet you,” I say.
“Mrs Anderson, wonderful to meet you. Gabe sent me a letter last night about you saying that you were kind and beautiful and funny and…” “Mom!!!” Gabe exclaims. “Oh sorry darling,” she says to Gabe. I blush. Gabe and his mom talked a bit more and I just stand there, in silence. Watching Gabe with his mom. Oh how I wish I still had one. A single tear drop falls from my eye. Gabe immediately notices. “Uh you should go get settled in to your room, I'll talk to you later. Love you mom,” Gabe says and ushers his mom into the hotel. Before I know it I'm bawling my eyes out. Gabe doesn't say anything. He just hugs me. I was so surprised I almost pulled away but stopped at the last second. "You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to,” he says.  A bit later Gabe and I sit in my tree house in the maple tree next to my house. “So why do you stay at the hotel if you have a house?” Gabe asks. “Well my dad goes on a lot of bussiness trips and is really lazy when he gets back so he just stays at the hotel everytime he's here and I just hang around there because: 1. it's right next to my house. 2. is that my dad and I spend time there together. So I basically live alone everyday in the house.” I explain. Gabe fake yawns. “Oh wasn't that borin- I mean thorough” he jokes. We chuckle. “Hey why did the lady ask your mom is she was going by Mrs Forrester now?” i wonder aloud. “Oh I don't know,” Gabe replies calmly. “Do you not get whats happening right now?!” I shout. “Uh no…” Gabe starts. “The families that were cursed were the McAddams and the Forresters.” “ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh. So wait, my mom's last name before she was married was Forrester. And now she goes by Mrs Forrester because her and dad sp-” “You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to,” I interrupt. So that concludes that we were definitely the ones that were cursed.  

A few days later

I walk around the hotel and see Gabe. I stop to talk to him.  “So we're definitely the ones that are cursed and I don't know what to do about it. Any ideas?” I ask Gabe. “Your the genius, aren't you?” he says. He's funny and he's sorta good looking. Blonde hair, blue eyes and a great personality. Sorta like me. “Uh hey I was wondering if you'd wanna get some cupcakes together?” I ask shyly. He blushes a little. “Uh um yeah that'd be great. What time?” he says nervously. “How about 4 pm?” I offer. “Um amazing - I mean wonderful- I mean good - uh you know what, I'll just see you then,” he says. We smile and go our own ways. Its 3 o’clock now and I'm getting ready to meet up with Gabe. I wanna look good but not to good because its not like I like him or anything. Do I? So I put on a grey hoodie with basic skinny jeans. I do my hair and put it into 2 dutch braids. I am about to put on some lip gloss when I just have these moments of the dream flashing between my eyes. I am wearing the same hoodie in the dream. Except it's covered in blood. There's icing on the paper I'm holding. Cupcake icing. I fall to the floor. The dreams were controlling me. I scream in fear. In a second it stops. I sit there, on the bathroom floor, panting. I go back to my bedroom and change my top to a cropped blue tie dye hoodie. Just as I go back to the bathroom to apply lip gloss the moments of the dream come back. I am wearing lip gloss in the dream. On second thought maybe I won't put lip gloss on.

 I get to the Cupcakery by around 4:05 and Gabe is there waiting for me patiently. I sat down next to him. “Hey,” i say shyly. “Hi, don't you look good?” he says. I knew I should have put the lip gloss on. We order 6 cupcakes for us to share. We sIt there awkwardly until our cupcakes arrive. When the lady comes to our table to serve us the cupcakes she says
“My aren't you a cute couple.” That just makes it even more awkward than it already is. We both blushed when she said that though. We both bite into the cupcakes until eventually Gabe says something.”So how are we going to figure this whole serial killer after us thing?” He says. “I don't know but we should search up who the man is. We can do a visual search of my drawing on Google and it would show us related information. Plus that guy has got to be in some sort of record. He must also be nearby us so most likely somewhere in Miami otherwise we wouldn't have had the dreams,” i explain. “Wait I don't get it. What do you mean by he has to be in Miami?” Gabe asks cluelessly. I sigh. Do I really have to explain everything to this doofus. “What are the chances that 2 teens that live within 1 km of each other have almost the same dream with each other in it?” I ask him. “Oh ok, I got it now. So if we check local police records or the town database we could find some information on the guy!” Gabe exclaims. “Woooooooooooow” I say sarcastically, clapping slowly. “Oh haha” Gabe jokes. He's really funny. “Um Gabe…” I start.  “Yeah, what happened?” he asks. “When I was getting ready I was having these moments from the dreams flash between my eyes. Like the hoodie I was going to wear today I was wearing that same hoodie in the dream. And I was going to put lip gloss on but I was wearing lip gloss in the dream as well. It was as if the dream controlled me. That anything I did today would be how I died. It scared me,’ I say, starting to cry. He holds me close. “Don't worry its alright,” he comforts, “And I think you look pretty, with or without lip gloss.” I manage to smile through my tears. He's really sweet. We finish eating the rest of the cupcakes. I'm wrapped in Gabe's arms the whole time. It was honestly very weird but cute at the same time. I think I do like him. But I'm not going to let it come between our friendship. We get up to leave when I notice a wanted poster at the front desk of the Cupcakery. It was a wanted poster of the man from our dreams. It said:
“Gabe look at that poster!’’ I say, pointing towards it. “Now that we know his name name we can figure out why he's in our dreams,” Gabe comments. “How about the library? We could do some research there,” I suggest.”You always have the best ideas. Leave some for me!” he jokes. 

One day later

I put on my holographic sneakers, skinny ripped jeans and a black oversized graphic t-shirt with my favorite band on it. I do my hair in a basic ponytail today for a change because i always either do it in braids or leave it out. I have a headache. The dreams keep recurring and I'm not even sleeping at night anymore. I just lay there in my bed, on my phone, watching Tik Toks. I yawn. I drag myself to the bathroom to do a bit of makeup but the moments come again. But this time I hear something. A dry hoarse quiet voice. And its saying something. 
“Death is your destiny,” the voice repeats until it eventually fades away. It's as if every time I do something fun or that makes me happy the dream keeps ruining it. But what did it mean by death is my destiny. Does it mean that I will eventually die like everyone in the world. Or that I would become the one in charge of deciding who dies or not. I am truly spooked so I just run out of the bathroom, leave the house, and walked to the library where I would meet Gabe. I walk into the library computer section and surprisingly I am there before Gabe. Just kidding, no I’m not. Gabe was there browsing through the books. “Hey, pretty girl. Never seen you around,” he says, sarcastically. We laugh quietly. He and I pull out two chairs and turn on one of the library computers. “So why couldn't we do this on your computer?” I ask him. “Um funny story I was playing Fortnite on there and I lost and I may have raged and thrown my laptop on the floor,” he said awkwardly. I burst out in cackles. Then everyone at the library tells me to ‘shhhhhhhhhhhhhh’. Gabe smirks at me. “So what about you? What's your excuse?” Gabe asks. “I left my laptop in my locker on the last day of school and since school is closed for the summer I can't get it back until September.” I explain. “That's reasonable. More than my excuse,” he says. I giggle. “So let's get down to it. Did you bring your drawing?” he asks. I nod and go to pull the paper out from my back pocket but it wasn't there. My pocket was empty. “Oh shoot. I must have left it at my house last night when I was doing a bit of research on my phone.” I sigh. “Let's swing by and get it,” Gabe suggests. We agree and leave the library. We walk to my house and talk about small little things here and there.

 We get to the front door of my house and I unlock the door and show Gabe the way to my room. “I can tell that you've been living here alone because your house is a mess!” Gabe teases. I stick my tongue out and laugh. We walk into my room and Gabe helps me look through my stuff. I eventually find the drawing in my makeup drawer that's filled with lip gloss. “Found it!” I exclaim. Gabe comes to the drawer. “What do you even need all of those things for?” he asks. I roll my eyes. “To look good. Obviously,” I say. “But you're already pretty,” he says. I smile shyly.”Hold on one second” I say. Gabe turns. I grab my bag and pack some comfy sneakers, a big grey hoodie, grey sweatpants, my backup phone, AirPods, a lipgloss and a srunchie. I also chuck in and extra pair of sweatpants just in case. Gabe gives me ‘the look’. “What I'm gonna go on a run afterwards” I say. “C'mon lets go,” Gabe says. We walk out of my house, I lock up, and we head back to the library.

 We sit back on the comfortable chairs and do an image search of the man. Gabe slowly crawls his hand around my shoulder. I smile to myself. The search shows the wanted poster and a few websites. “Tony Cavalero: famous actor, artist, author, thief and murderer.” I read to gabe. Gabe puts his hand on mine to control the computer mouse. He scrolls down the screen. “It says here on the dark web that we have to pay to get his personal information. Do we pay?” Gabe asks. I don't respond. I just type my personal banking details into the computer. “It says that he was accused of murder in 2013 and was sent to prison for 7 years and that after he got out of prison he went home and killed his very own wife. After he killed his wife he supposedly killed the owner of a jewelry shop in plain sight without anyone noticing,” Gabe starts. “His kids were killed by him as well as many others of his family. Tony stole all of the jewelry from the shop and raided a bank. He and his masked comrades were caught at the bank stealing the money. His comrades sit in prison but Tony made it out that night without notice. He is constantly being searched for by police. He has gone into hiding at his headquarters until the heat dies down.” I finish. Gabe and I look at each other, astonished. We print out all of the information that we found on the dark web. We both get up and start furiously looking through books to find any other information. After a minute of searching Gabe says “Here look, Matilda. Tony Cavalero. Born in 1986. Previously married to Julianne Sera Vilinate Deather. He has 5 previous kids: Vera (7), Saint (12), Ivan (9), Illinois (5) and iris (3),” Gabe shows me.”Thats it!” I say. “What?” Gabe asks.”The names of his kids. If you change the order to oldest to youngest it forms an address. The address of his headquarters. Saint Ivan Vera Illinois Iris.” I explain. “Uh Matilda. That's not an address,” Gabe says. “No but if you add a few words it is. Saint Ivan's factory on Vera Illinois street,” I say. “But what about Iris?” Gabe reminds me. “Iris is the name of the candy they make there. Iris ice candy.” I say. “No wonder you're the smart one,” Gabe remarks. I hear police sirens coming from outside. “Do you hear that?” I ask. Gabe shakes his head. “So I guess we've gotten all the information we need. Let's go home,” Gabe says. I pick up my bag and we walk to the doors of the library. Now the sirens are getting closer. Just as Gabe and I are about to walk out of the library a bunch of police come rushing in. 

“Hands up! EVERYBODY!” One of the cops says. Everyone drops their books and puts their hands in the air. Gabe and I do as well. One of the cops is eyeing us. “NO ONE IS TO LEAVE THE LIBRARY!!!” Another cop says. The police walk over to the computer area. “Who was on this computer?” The cop demands, pointing at the laptop we were at.
“There were two. A pretty girl and a handsome boy. The girl had blonde hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a big t-shirt and jeans. The boy had blonde hair and green eyes. He was wearing shorts and a hoodie,” An elderly woman described fearfully. Gabe and I nodded at each other and slowly ran out of the library when no one was looking. “I saw those kids a second ago! They were about to leave the library!” The other cop exclaimed but by that time we had already left. We ran to the underground subway station and hid in the handicap bathroom to catch our breath. “Oh god. It was crazy in there!” Gabe says panting. I manage to nod. “Why do you think they were looking for us anyway?” I ask. “Because we just broke a law. It's illegal to buy personal information on the dark web. You get arrested for that kinda stuff,” Gabe mutters. “AND YOU DIDNT THINK TO TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!?????????” I shout. “WELL YOU DIDN'T ASK!!!!!!!! I THOUGHT YOU KNEW!!!!!!” Gabe shouts back. I roll my eyes at him. Now I feel bad. Here I was shouting at him for my own mistake. “Hey look, I'm sorry. It was my mistake and I shouldn't have screamed at you for that. I'm sorry,” I apologize. “It's alright. I should have warned you anyways," Gabe says. “No no really,” I insist. We just give each other guilty smiles. ”So how are we going to get to Saint Ivan's factory anyway? It's like 3 miles away,” Gabe says. “We're at the subway,” I say. “But the police are gonna find us. We're way too close,” Gabe reminds. “We'll run the first mile then catch a train” I suggest. Gabe gives me his ‘Really, are you serious right now?’ look. So I give him my ‘Yes, I'm serious right now’ look. “Fine lets run already,” Gabe says. “Oh crap!” I say. “What happened now?” Gabe asks. “I can't run in jeans and these shoes!” I exclaim. “Well we can't do anything about that. You'll have to deal with it” he says. My brain suddenly gets an idea. I packed those extra clothes earlier. “I've got extra clothes but I'll need to change soooo…” I say. Gabe understands and leaves me alone in the bathroom while I change. I finish changing and i put on my hoodie. I apply my lipgloss and tie my hair into a messy bun. I keep all my stuff back in my bag and open the door. “Lets go,” I say. I connect my AirPods to my phone and play some music. I give one earphone to Gabe so he can listen too. Gabe and I keep running until we reach the next subway station. We run down to the bathroom at the station and catch our breath. Gabe and I were drenched in sweat. “How do you manage to look good even when you're drowning in sweat?!” Gabe asks. “I'm not the only one that can do it,” I say, blushing. He smiles. “What was that song you were playing while we were running?” he asks. “Uh, it was ‘In the name of love’ by Bebe Rexha,” I reply. We both look down. Then we both look straight into each others eyes. I scroll through my phone to see when the next train comes when Gabe says something,”Um Matilda…’ he starts.”This really isn't the time,” I cut in. “It's important,” he says, a bit forcefully but in a nice way. “Okay, what is it?” I ask. “Um well it's just that you're the prettiest girl I've ever met and I really like you and always have since I first met you,” he blurts. I'm pretty sure my face is bright red. “Um, thats really sweet of you to say and well, I guess I feel the same way, but about you,” I say, extremely shy. He smiles and we hug."I wish I could savor the moment but we've got a murderer to catch,” I say. “Yep, got it. So when does the next train get here?” Gabe asks. “It's coming here in 4 minutes and it'll take us to the factory in 35 minutes so around 40 minutes ‘til we get there,” I say. “Always the smart one," Gabe mutters, laughing. "We should probably change our clothes so if the police come looking for us they won't recognize us” Gabe says. I nod in agreement. We swap hoodies and he messes up his hair. I apply another coat of lip gloss and comb my hair with my fingers. I put my scrunchie on my wrist and step out of the bathroom to let Gabe change into the extra sweatpants that I had in my bag.

 Gabe steps out of the bathroom and we head into the train. We take a seat at the back of the train. about 40 minutes later we reach the stop closest to the factory and Gabe and I leave the train. "You ready?" Gabe asks. I nod my head. We walk up to the front of the factory door. I pull the information that we printed out at the library out of my pocket. "This is the place" I whisper. I put my hand on the door to push it open but stop when Gabe taps my shoulder. I look at him. he leans over and kisses me. I blush so hard that you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between me and a tomato. Gabe pulls away and says "Just in case I can't do it later." We nod at each other and sneak into the factory.

It was abandoned. There's no one there. Gabe and I explore the place. I find a secret door. "Gabe! over here!" I whisper. He comes over to where I am. We open the door. It's a library. And there's a chair. With a man sitting on it. Gabe and I give each other worried looks. He and I sneak behind a bookshelf and I turn my phone on. I send a text to 911 saying that we need a police and the location that they need to go to. I leave my phone on the floor but while I do that i accidentally drop the paper. The person on the chair suddenly stands up and walks up to where we are. Gabe and i crawl backwards. The man grabs Gabe but doesn't see me. He holds him by the neck. Gabe tries to wriggle his way out of the mans grasp. Then I see the man's face. It's tony. Tony punches Gabe in the face. Tears steam down my face. I whimper. Tony notices me. He drags me towards him and hold me by the neck in his other hand. He squeezes Gabe's and my neck. I feel faint. I see blood all over my hands and clothes. Gabe's blonde hair is soaked in blood. I hear police sirens from outside. The police come in and they arrest Tony. An ambulance comes as well and they carry Gabe and I into the ambulance.

I wake up in hospital. I can't move my arms or legs. Gabe is standing next to me holding my hand."Matilda! You're awake!" Gabe exclaims. "What happened?!" I ask. "The police arrested Tony but we were badly injured. I recovered in a week or two but you were in a coma for 6 weeks," Gabe explains. "6 weeks?! What's the date?" I ask. "Um it's the 13th of September," Gabe answers. its my birthday. I'm finally 16. "It's my birthday," I say. Gabe smiles. He hugs me.

Its the 13th of October now. Gabe and I are practicing for our drivers license test today. It's been a month since Gabe and I started officially dating. I guess that in the grand scheme of things the random boy painting me was the best thing that ever happened.
I had this assignment for school and we had to write a novel and  this is what I wrote. I got a A+ so I’m assuming it’s good. Hope you enjoy! <3 HPgirl2021

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