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Hey guys! Sorry for the random inactivity! I haven't been writing much lately and have been too tired to read many pieces on here. But I'm happy to have popped in today for more than just a notification-check. Hope you guys like this piece. I'm pretty proud of it. :)
AGAIN, please please help me with ideas on which pieces from this year I should enter into the Scholastics comp this year. And what on Earth am I supposed to do for the portfolio thinggg

Caution: Heart Under Construction

September 13, 2021



Tears taste like an ocean wind, like
places we never saw

I refused to
carve memories of denial
into our history, but
I'm rewinding the tapes, and
regret is all that
drags before my eyes.

They say once a heart cell dies,
it can never be reborn;
scars so delicate
are all that remain.

Now, as I explore the chasms
between each heartbeat,
finding pieces of me
left to love
begins to feel less like healing and
more like
I wrote the first stanza on August 18th and the third one of September 8th.

Listened to I Guess I'm In Love by Clinton Kane before and while I wrote this.

September 12th, 2021


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  • Rohan’s Defender (Semi-Active)

    Re: yay, I’ll definitely check it out! Thanks!
    And yayy, can’t wait! :)

    6 days ago
  • Rohan’s Defender (Semi-Active)

    Ohh, gorgeous. Just gorgeous. I may have to check out that song now…
    Are you still gonna be able to make it to camp tomorrow?

    6 days ago
  • lochnessie

    also i
    realised i made 'daisychain'
    unreasonably gendered

    6 days ago
  • lochnessie

    thankuu but also genuinely quite confused
    your past involves lists?

    6 days ago
  • lochnessie

    g o r g e o u s

    8 days ago
  • red-dust-rose

    re: Thanks for the tip, but I sort of already got the message. Thanks for the reminder, though.

    11 days ago
  • abi's pov

    re: haha i seem to be the expert on disapproving therapists at this point. yeah, def take it easy, hun. glad ur looking for the good parts of life, that's always a good way to live. rest when u need to, dont overexert urself (from someone who had to spend the day in bed bcus her social battery ran out and she couldnt get out of bed for more than a one hour class lolll)

    11 days ago
  • red-dust-rose

    This is amazing.

    11 days ago
  • Written_In_Water

    Re: ooo I'll look at that now

    11 days ago
  • abi's pov

    re: aw thank you! life is good but busy right now. lots of stuff going on + stuff w a friend = no sleep, lots of stress, but i'll be okay. time heals everything, yk? how are you doing?

    11 days ago
  • julia*

    and just like all of your other writing THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESSLY AMAZING the first lines snatched my attention and read the entire thing and dont regret it, this is AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING

    11 days ago
  • abi's pov

    THIS LINE THO ANNE "Tears taste like an ocean wind, like/places we never saw/
    together." kjhswjkhcigureihug3rvhiurv3bebdaanjkwshiew brain melting, heart breaking, man u r js too talentedd!!!! also wayy too relatble ouchie
    sry for the incoherency again, stayed up til 4 last night, woke up at 7

    11 days ago
  • abi's pov

    okay, first of all, ANNE HOW ARE YOU SO TALENTED? sjdeiixoeo this is love, this is loght, i love this omgeezers dude. wtheck every line is kksskjnsjkww. i am way too tired to make a coherent sentence rn, but this is lovely and so r u! second of all, i hope ur doing well. sry ive kinda been less active for the past couple of months, life has been.....well life, yk? anyway, hope ur doing good, sending my love always <3

    11 days ago
  • Written_In_Water

    Wow this is absolutely impeccable; your writing is so amazing! The title is ridiculously good and the poem is full of the nicest phrases ever!!!
    Re: Hey Anne. Things are good thanks - that poem was kind of just something I wrote at midnight when I was feeling really weird, but overall I'm not bad. Turns out that procrastinating on a personal statement for Uni really boosts poetry productivity haha - I've written 42 poems in the last 4 weeks and some that I am actually happy with for a change. How are things with you?

    11 days ago
  • kaylasghost

    "finding pieces of me/left to love
    begins to feel less like healing and/ more like/foreclosure." HOW DO YOU WRITE SO WELL??
    that kinda broke my heart but also mended it?? also also, that's one of my favorite songs <33

    11 days ago
  • A. Penderwick

    Ohhh, this is beautiful as always.

    12 days ago