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Trying to craft meaningful stories while juggling school, family, and life in general.

My username is Odyssey because we are all on our own journey. :)
Hi everyone reading this, I hope you are having a fantastic day.

You are loved and you have meaning. Never forget that.

I'll also probably forget to respond to comments- it's not cause I don't appreciate them ( I do- a lot), I'm just really absentminded.

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More than a body *footnotes*

September 12, 2021


I was not born to be beautiful
and though you never mean hurt me
your comments sting with severity unwarranted as you say
"You are beautiful."
when I protest the vison of myself I see in the mirror
and lament the flaws of mortality present so visibly
these words do not console me
for I was not born to be beautiful
when I say I am ugly, which I somberly believe
you say I am beautiful
but what I wish to hear is, "Your body is not you. Despite its flaws, its ugliness- you are enough.
Beauty does not matter. And you are more than a body."
Thoughts? I'm not really a fan of people who say everyone is beautiful because I don't think that everyone (including myself) is physically attractive. I know sometimes it means that everyone has worth (which I definitely agree with) but beauty shouldn't equal worth. And should it even matter at all?


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  • September 12, 2021 - 12:41pm (Now Viewing)

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  • Written_In_Water

    Very true

    9 days ago
  • A. Penderwick



    11 days ago
  • A. Penderwick

    Yes, I love this. Society needs to focus less on "we're all beautiful!", and more on removing beauty as a standard within our society. Just, yes to all of this.
    Oh, and I saw your comment on Ava_Grace's piece(not trying to be creepy right now) and got really excited, beause, HoO! And also you're a theater kid? Incredible!!

    12 days ago
  • ava_grace

    Hardcore agree.

    12 days ago