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it takes two to break a heart

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hope will never be enough.
and neither will be grief.
-because sometimes almost is all you need (an original)

September Grab Bag

September 12, 2021

i will never be the only girl he likes. i will never be the one, but i think it's fine. i guess it just needed to be like this. for when he will wed his bride, when he will worry whether he is good enough, i will be there, his best friend, to tell him he is.
  • about if your favorite playlist/song was a person: what would they be like? Describe their personality and emotions. (The Elephant In The Room)
she is the past, she is the present, she is the future. she is life and joy and sadness, darkness and daughters hearts, minds and bodies and sight, she is the universe. and i could not love her more.
album: atlas (sleeping at last)


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