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okay to clarify the last line doesn't mean i'm going to die lol i meant fifteen might be the pinnacle, or it might not. (my friend read this and got so worried lol)


September 20, 2021

PROMPT: [Insert Age]

fifteen. wow, you've come a long way.
    i've been watching you, trying to spread your wings, trying to fly. i think maybe, this might be your year. you've gained responsibility, but you've also gained freedom, you've gained the ability to stay out later than usual, to have movie nights, to eat when you feel hungry, and not when you're told.
    but you've also gained more work. more expectations to suceed. but i know you can do it.
    fifteen is weird, i know. fifteen is almost being able to get your learner's license, but not quite. fifteen is finding friends older than you and realising they are adults. fifteen is writing important tests, fifteen is about coming out on top.
    you still feel like you are fourteen, yes, you do. but don't hate fifteen, because maybe, just maybe, fifteen will be it.


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