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This isn't a great reply, as it's quite messy, but ig that's pretty accurate lol
and yes
i dont have a phone.
we get one when we're 16 D:<
also ig being 14 was worse, but im 15 rn soooo.....


September 13, 2021

PROMPT: [Insert Age]

It seems like a mystical number.
A number that promises hope.
And love.

I'm sure you've heard Taylor Swift's song 15. It is a song cemented in pop culture, as are all of her songs. It sings of first love, a first kiss, a first date. 
Why is it that 15 is the age of love?
It's not for me. I've never dated anyone, never gone for a drive in his car, or stayed up late dancing. 
2020 and 2021 have probably been the worst years of my life. COVID came. Lockdown for months. My cousin died. My best friend moved 4 hours away. I've missed countless of things, countless of meetings, countless amounts of fun. 
Why is it that some fifteen year olds are being swept up in the winds of love, and I've fallen flat on the floor? 
That's not all that's messed up about this age.
15 is a weird mix of being grown up and still being a child. It's the year before you turn 16, and then you'll be able to drive, get a job (though I already have one), get a phone (yes I don't have a phone), and basically, get more responsibilities. 
14 seems you are still too young, you've only been a teenager for a year, so you still don't have much responsibility.
15 is a weird in-the-middle age. 
I have a job.
I don't have a phone.
I am old enough to cook and clean and wash,
But not old enough to have more responsibility.
How many times have you heard the phrase, "you're not old enough yet", when you ask to do stuff by yourself?
How many times have you heard the words "you're 15, you're old enough to do more jobs!" when you are told to help out more?
I want to be older.
I want to be younger.
I don't want to be 15.
Funnily enough, I was actually going to write a poem about being 15 a couple weeks ago, and how 15 feels like for me, and how it comes across in Taylor's song, but then this prompt came up, and I realized I could just combine the two! Ironic! 


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1 Comment
  • barelybear

    Oh gosh what gets me the most is the love one
    Like that song where it’s all “We were only eleven, acting like grown ups like we are in the present, as we drank from plastic cups singing love is forever...”
    like um what 11 year old drinks?
    And what 11 year old gets in a relationship full stop, let alone one that lasts them twenty years?!
    And the rhyme of “Like we are in the present” yuck
    But credit to her for going for 2-syllabled rhymes I suppose

    Re: thank you!!! You guys really do push me to respond to these prompts haha :D
    Oh yes I remember we had a “Lower set netball fun tournament” (or something along those lines anyways) and I got the positive attitude award
    I keep it polished ofc :D
    I remember once my brother was like “Are you sure that’s not my trophy?” (Unironically, because he’s good at sports) and I got so defensive of my baby hah
    Naw you must have deserved credit for taking that role, and for the trip that you made good :D

    Omg I want this!!!!! I love blueberries! I’ll have to look for an acai place near me
    Lmaooooo the perks of an Australian accent huh?
    Oh boyyy one of my neighbours has a beehive, and the honey he gets from that tastes *the best*
    Plus cute flowers uwu

    Lol English a level here I come *gets out pepper shaker* c;

    Yes I’m a Brit but I still think his accent is adorable!! So I’m not so much a marvel fan but a Tom Holland fan :D
    I’ve only watched the one with Mysterio (far from home??) because it was on Netflix :)
    But I think I would like to watch the new one that’s coming out
    And also all the other ones with TH c:

    Pfft whatever happened to the lockdown bowl cut idea??
    I got my mum to chop off a few inches in the first lockdown, and apart from how blunt the scissors were, it went pretty well! I think as long as you do it with conviction, it will look good :D

    Yup I’m trying to convert them to musicals and baking, but they prefer water polo and science. Hmm haha
    Still, we all love a good comedy :D
    A favourite right now is Monty Python holy grail because of the French guy’s outrageous accent, and just generally all of their voices :D

    Know a scientific comedy musical?
    Actually thinking about it my dad doesn’t mind Little Shop of Horrors... I’ll just write a quick score for a Frankenstein comedy :D

    10 days ago