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I write when i feel these emotions to get rid of them. I usually don't share them but as Brett Young said Here goes nothing.

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Ladies, if he can’t appreciate your fruit jokes, you need to let that mango.

There is no iron in the iron you use to iron shirts. Which is, ironically, both ironic and un-ironic.

Lazy Fact #1737907364920226488360101763894038278
You were too lazy to read those numbers.

Girl Code

September 9, 2021


I act ok when She talks about him being her Bae.
Says shes my bestfriend,
Told her how i wasn't over him and she told me he was toxic.
Now she is going to him.
I've always known it was Her for him.
It just doesn't make it easier to say "Im happy for you"
To her face.

We use to say A guy wouldn't break us apart,
I guess we both saw it coming,
He came to me after She broke his heart.
I should of seen the red flags
But i trusted Her
I use to wonder what the point of girl code was
Now i understand that it keeps friends from breaking each other

I wish that He would love me that way
I geuss i cant be mad at anyone
Even though it still hurts like a knife in my heart
I now cant help but crave the attention of a male 
So that i can forget him

What do i do when,
Day and Night 
He's always on my mind
Wish he never looked at me with those eyes
Now i get the reason they say Love sucks

So let me numb my pain
Even if its just for the day
Dont tell me that Im being dumb
Dont tell me it was just a guy
Cause i didnt just lose him
I lost a friend
But most of all ive lost myself

I laugh when i remember,
How i use to hate smoking and said id never do it.
I changed my whole self
I dont reconize the young lady in the mirror
The one who hates everything about herself 
The one who rights down all her flaws
Cause im trying to figure out
Where it all went wrong

I geuss i should of listened to girl code
Never really understood but now i see
It saves females from breaking each other
But i dont think its working.


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  • EmmyKayy

    Re: Thank yall and im glad yall also like my bio

    15 days ago
  • A. Penderwick

    I love the way you've capitalized some letters where they normally wouldn't be, it adds impact to these words and was very smart. And remember, you are incredible, and you are worthy. I'm so glad you've decided to share your writing with us!

    And also- your bio is freaking hilarious and I love it.

    15 days ago
  • Watermelon6

    I don’t know wether to laugh or cry at your bio -
    I feel very called out by the lazy fact.

    15 days ago