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My dream is to be a bestselling author. I want to write YA fiction that is filled with magic, mythical beings, and much more! Most importantly, I want God to use my life and love of writing to share the good news of his mercy to everyone!

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This is supposed to give Anne of Green Gables vibes. What do you think? Too fast? Too slow? Any critique is welcome (so long as it's constructive of course).

A Train of New Beginnings

September 7, 2021


Bit gazed dreamily out the window, resting her head on the train’s quivering pane. A great swirl of greens and yellows danced before her eyes as the fresh spring grass whirred by. It was only yesterday that she had waved goodbye to a loving family. A family that no longer had to move away from everything they knew and loved. Bit still couldn’t grasp that her parents had agreed to let her go. A young lady, scarcely seventeen, going to live in a house of her own. 
    Teddy slid through the compartment door and stretched out on the empty seat. Ms. Row was sketching in a leatherbound book next to Bit; the skritch skratch of her pencil in harmony with the clacking of the train’s wheels on the track.
    Teddy sighed contentedly, “It feels so good to stretch my legs,” she put her arms behind her head and gazed at the ceiling.
    Bit hadn’t felt like a walk. Quite frankly, she was afraid she would find herself more winded than ever being on a train that spewed the very stuff that made her so ill. Teddy sat up and peered out the window. 
    “This is all just so romantic,” she sighed, sliding back down in her seat. “The rocking train, the city melting into countryside, and the lovely future that waits just around the bend…” 
    “You’re so poetic, Teddy,” Bit said, peeking at Ms. Row’s sketch. “Why,” Bit exclaimed, “it looks just like me!”
    Ms. Row displayed her sketch of Bit for Teddy. It really was quite remarkable. The way Ms. Row arranged the thick and thin lines and where she applied a bit of shade or a bit of highlight. The eyes even had a lifelike twinkle. It was haunting how someone’s likeness could be frozen on paper, perhaps immortalized. 
    “How on earth did you manage such nice lines with the train shaking so?” Teddy squinted in disbelief, “All of my sketches so far have been a wobbly mess!” 
    “Practice, I suppose,” Ms. Row replied. A glimmer of pride glowed in her winking eyes as she resumed her sketching. 
    As the train rattled on, the cerulean sky deepened into an inky indigo. One by one, the stars twinkled into place creating those ancient shapes discovered in days of old. What was a blur of greens and yellows melted into a whir of black mystery. What lay beyond the trees? What creatures would be padding from their homes to greet the moon?
    Humming a familiar lullaby, Teddy nestled down against the cool window, knees folded in, eyes pointed at the stars. Bit followed her gaze and let Teddy’s tune make her eyelids heavy. The cushion on the bench seemed to grow a little bit softer, and the chill on the glass cooled her cheek. Before long, Bit gave into her drowsiness and dropped away from the world and into her glorious little bastion of dreams. Teddy too embraced the dreams that beckoned her. Dreams of the seaside and summer breeze, of the warm August sun and the cool autumn nights, of the warmth of fire and friendship, all in the little cottage they drew closer to each second. New beginnings were awaiting them, and their sleeping hearts stirred in anticipation of the year to come.


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  • Mehr Sarkaria

    Wow! This is so creative and I absolutely LOVE the linguistic skill. Looking forward to reading more such content from you

    about 2 months ago