Tatu Emicuri


14 years old on the 11th of October!
Uruguayan, Christian, and a huge fan of Colleen Hoover's books.
Likes to connect with writers from all around the world.
English is not my first language :)

Message to Readers

I choose to write this small text/poem about a small part of my afternoon. I did it in 5 minutes. I would love to hear your feedback on my writing style as well as if it's entertaining or not.


September 6, 2021

PROMPT: Lens Change


She got out of her mother's car at 5:10 in the afternoon, she had therapy in 30 minutes. She was hungry.
She walked inside a bakery shop and spent around 5 minutes looking at all the food, the lady that worked there was getting anxious since she was taking her time to order. She didn't really care.
It was around 5:15 when she ordered what she was eating, "Torta de fiambre y tomate" [1].
It had hard boiled egg inside (which she didn't like). She took them out.
She sat in the street and ate her food, it was alright. 
When the clock hit 5:25 she crossed the street. 
Therapy started at 5:30.
[1]: Torta de Fiambre is a traditional Uruguayan food. It's just a simple salty pie filled with jam and cheese. In this case it had tomato too.


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