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May 22, 2015

SMELL: As I walk through the halls a scent of body odor mixed with people's perfumes and cologne enters my nose. My nose does not enjoy school. Walking into the classroom, you can smell disenfectant that was used the previous day to clean the desks, chairs, and floors. Pencil shavings and chalkboard dusk tickle my nose. Opening up my textbook, I smell that 'new book smell.'  

SIGHT: Walking down the hallways of the high school I pass all familiar faces. Some faces drooping from sadness, some faces bright with happiness, and some faces blank from being almost too tired to move. The lockers are a pale grey color and the walls are a pearly white with purple and gold stripes. The classrooms are all different colors, but in every classroom is a chalkboard/whiteboard, students' desks, a teacher's desk, and a bright and smiling teacher ready to teach the class. 

SOUND: A high pitched bell sounds and feet shuffle to get to their next destination. Moving out into the hall from the classroom, there is a loud roar; a combination of all students talking at once. A lot of laughter is coming from all directions. Locker doors slam shut and students feet shuffle once more, trying to move to their next class.  Another high pitched bell rings and the noise dies down to only one voice, the teacher. 


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