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Message to Readers

for alevel langlit i gotta write a 1000 word creative writing piece in a genre of my choice
i chose dystopian and this is a scene that came to my head when i was brainstorming
lmk your thoughts!
(ik this aint great yet)

random scene from a thing i need to write

September 6, 2021


Some way ahead of me, a figure, 1542 from the number on his back, stops. Stands still. The crowd of bodies parts around him like the red sea, suspending 1542 in a bubble of space. No one looks at him. They hurry forward. I continue on, till I am almost adjacent to the man. He speaks. ‘I don't want-’, his voice is barely audible over the thrum of footsteps and bodies and the swish of clothes. But I hear him. I hear him. The reedy whine makes me want to gag and I am pleased, thankful, when a gloved hand is clamped to his mouth and two Officers pull him to the ground. The man, the thing is pushed away, the bodies parting as if from a plague victim, from a plague victim. I hope none of us catch its ghastly disease. The disease of dissent. I am also past now, but I see the moment an officer jabs a button on his Device, and the number on the creature's back disappears, and it is officially Numberless. Useless. Good riddance, I think, and continue on my way. 


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