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Ace greyaro

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Don’t worry if my poetry seems dark. By putting my dark thoughts into words I actually feel free of them so the darker the poem the more positive I probably feel after writing it.

Pick A Side

August 31, 2021

Tell me to dress nice 
But not that way
Not that dress that’s too short
Not those shorts they make you look fat
Be pretty and feminine 
But not in that top I can see your bra strap
No you have to wear a bra
But don’t dare given me any glimpse that you might be wearing one
You’re too pale put on some tan
Why do you look so orange ms Oompa Loompa 
You look a bit plain next to them maybe try some makeup
Why are you wearing that it makes you look too old
Wear some high heels you look like your twelve
You're just too immature to be able to walk in those
Sit straight stick out your chest
Stop showing your body off you’re distracting others
Be more confident be kind to yourself you look beautiful 
Someones a bit too cocky
Can you believe how long her skirt is she looks so prudish
Look at how short her skirt is “she’s asking for it”
Why did you walk home 
Well she should’ve known not to get a taxi 
A bus
A train
A god damn plane

Oh when will this end
Infuriating doesn’t begin to cover this oxymoron of a society
This blame game where we always lose



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  • August 31, 2021 - 5:58pm (Now Viewing)

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