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Ten things I wish we're true about school

By: Isaiah


Ten things I Wish we're true about school 1. I wish they would have apprenticeship classes for the career you are looking to go into. 2. I wish you could take classes were you learned things you will use in your life. 3. I wish you were not tested on material that you may not ever use. 4. I wish that you were given more time to be with your friends instead of stressing for tests. 5. I wish that you could joke around with teachers and tease people without it be called bullying. 6. I wish that teachers could share their life experiences so we could learn from them without the teachers getting in trouble. 7. I wish teachers could talk about their faith without getting in trouble. 8. I wish all teachers cared deeply about the subject they teach and all of the students 9. I wish there was time built into school to talk to the teachers for fun not just about school. 10. I wish teachers weren't held to all of these crazy expectations.

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