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Hey all! I feel like I've been pretty inactive lately, so sorry for that, but school's starting up, and I"m busy. I'll definitely continue to try to post on here, though they will likely be more sporadic. I didn't edit this piece a ton, so it might be a little wonky in terms of grammar and making sense, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

I do have a couple ideas for stories I'd like to do, and I'm trying to find time to work on a piece for the current comp(anyone seen Vivo?), but I'm kinda busy. Hopefully I can find time to write that!

Thanks for reading, and happy day!

Dangerous Writing (5)

September 12, 2021


Hello hello hello! I'm back with another installment of Dangerous Writing, the wacky series where I answer prompts while being pressured with the idea of my work being forever destroyed(The Most Dangerous Writing App, y'all, check it out!) You can't hear my voice right now, but just read this in your head as someone who sounds like they've had way to much caffeine and is talking to fast, because that's how I feel. I"m making this whole set up sound much more dramatic then it really is, you can check my previous pieces(LINKED IN FOOTNOTES) for a more detailed and actually helpful explanation. I normally like to start these pieces with a little(hopefully amusing) commentary on what I wrote(plus my chaotic explanations), but there's not much really to say about this piece. There's only one response in here, but I think it's pretty fun. I might turn this into a short story someday, but, as we know, I procrastinate and have an allergy to long term projects. Thanks for reading!

    She went to the toilet and on her way back, opened the wrong door, nearly entering the wrong conference room. In the middle of the room, a tall, dark haired woman in a pantsuit was standing atop the table. She was waving her hands wildly, and everyone else ran around her in chaos. Papers flew through the air, and men in sharp suits were scrambling around the room, having lost all care for keeping their composed look together. This was all relatively normal for the Fortune 500 company office building where Maria worked, but there was something odd about this scene. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion, and there was no sound. Maria's face contorted in confusion, but she hadn't had her coffee yet, so she shrugged and closed the door, figuring it was just a trick of the mind.
    It wasn't until hours later, at lunch break, when she realized something. She'd almost forgotten about the strange incident, but the curiosity had been lingering in the back of her mind, like an itch waiting to be scratched. She suddenly realized that the skyline outside the conference room window was not the familiar one of Denver, where she had lived all her life It was the iconic skyline of New York, New York, Empire state building and all. Maria gasped, and hurriedly finished her tuna sandwich. She rushed off to the bathroom again, then tried to retrace her steps back to the door. She quickly found it, and turned the knob. 
    But this time, there was no pantsuit clad woman; no New York skyline and disgruntled businessman. In their place, she saw an elementary school cafeteria, in the midst of a food fight. Same as last time, everyone moved in slow motion, and there was no sound, but the chaos and confusion were clear. Baked beans and homemade sandwiches and cartons of chocolate milk were flying everywhere, much to the dismay of the concerned lunch monitors. Maria stared in confusion, then jolted as she heard the familiar, yet sinister noise of the CEO approaching; heels clacking against the polished floors.
    Maria tried to close the mysterious door before her boss saw her, but Ms. Gardenia appeared before Maria even managed to turn around. "The meeting is in room C125," she said, "not in the utility closet". She walked away with a scoff, and it was clear she hadn't seen what Maria had seen. Maria's confusion was only growing, but she figured the only thing she could do was open the door again. So she did...


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  • A Certain Type of Decisive

    Hey this is the reason I still read other people's pieces-- sometimes there are gems like these. Thank you for writing this and also being alive and also I was very clearly getting the over-caffeinated vibe before you mentioned it, so trust the strength of your writing voice.

    2 days ago
  • BriRiley

    Re: Its not supposed to be a poem? But now that you say that i could make it one *thoughtful look* Thanks for the idea XD

    7 days ago
  • ava_grace

    Re: Oh thanks, that's the goal in life.

    8 days ago
  • barelybear

    I always love these dangerous writing instalments! I’ve gotta say that this time the intro was AMAZINGGG - I completely got excited commentator in high-stakes formula 1 race c:
    Also, I’m trying to enter the film review comp too, but have no time DX
    We’ll get there...maybe

    Re (and omg it’s late because I’ve started back at sixth form now): ooh so a perfect blend! I actually love being ensemble - all the laughs and none of the stress :D
    Awh that’s sweet!! Yeah I think pretty similarly. The only reason to do something is because it will make you happy c:
    I really want to travel to France

    Ahhh see lots of people like Hadestown, but I’m not exactly one of them. I went from Hamilton, where the energy is Through The Roof, to Hadestown and that first song about the railway line and I was like HURRY UP AND GIVE ME THE STORYYY
    It’s a shame, because I’ve read the synopsis, so I know if I was more patient, I would really enjoy it.
    I haven’t heard a lot of Come From Away, but we’ve performed Welcome to the Rock, and I really enjoyed that (and the accents!)
    Oooh speaking of, In the Heights is AWESOME too!!

    That’s okay, I really cannot judge haha
    Have a great day!!
    Ellie :D

    9 days ago
  • ava_grace

    Re: Oh cool, I'll check it out! Oh, well thank you for thanking me for writing this. It was literally 10-11 pm ranting. I just knew I had to say something before the day ended.

    9 days ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Re: Thanks ^u^

    9 days ago