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my pen name is flora kane. i'm sixteen. i'm also a slytherin, infp-t, christian, maladaptive daydreamer, and generally insane. est: 3.30.2018.

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i don't like how the last line ends. any ideas?

plato once said... (thoughts on a famous quote)

August 26, 2021


“rhetoric is the art of ruling the minds of men.” - plato

    something within me strongly agrees, for if you weave your own opinion into another’s mind it may be that they are now yours — subconsciously or consciously. surely, politicians keep this on a plaque on their bedside table and a printout on their bathroom mirror. 
    another side of me cringes at the thought. perhaps, yes, it is true, but the argument shifts to such about morality. an expert in the rhetoric field, might they sway their neighborhood? their town and city? how may we dispute any presented ideas? how easily do we fall to the control of well versed speech and writing backed up barely enough, only to make you unsuspicious of their persuasion, poking into your arm, a needle, searching. 
    a subsequent part of me hopes it is true, then i might be able to pin up my peers, a puppeteer saying “dance, dance” if only to prove that i can rule. that is the evilest part of me, one which wants to maliciously deceive. maybe i must aspire to lesser things, i do not wish to be the villain of such an interesting and heartbreaking story. 
streak: 3 :D 

maybe if i keep putting that there i'll want to continue building it up. anyway, this was something we did in english class yesterday, but i loved my voice in this piece and wanted to hear what you think about the quote, so i decided i should publish it. what are your thought? also, how are you?


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  • _Peanut_

    I love this!! I was just discussing Plato yesterday as well, in my philosophy class :)

    2 months ago