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I don’t do a lot of poetry, so *anythinggg* would be greatly appreciated c:
Have an amazing day!!!

Winter (inter.. nter... ter....)

September 11, 2021

Chill clings to Winter’s bones like grout, 
The sun’s rays hasty in their rout 
No humans dare to venture out 

and greet him

On the lake he stops to drink,
Robin hops on frozen rink 
Eyes that stare and well like ink 

To take in cottage bricked and sweet
Gold light through shutters streams like wheat 
So soft against the fading heat 
With fire and bread and seeds to eat

Winter smiles and holds out hand 
Robin chirps, then looks around and — 

And sees him.

Fixes Winter with a glower, 
It’s cold - too cold - the sun sinks lower.

Deep down in Winter something cleaves,
Curls frosted fingers round the leaves 
Til wind stirs and shudders through the eaves.

Weighed down and punctured by each flake,
The robin comes to rest on lake

Though Winter’s heart could never break, 
Not even snow from tree to rake
Is cold enough to numb his ache 

And save him.

Wow I absolutely adore this prompt!! Loving the CA responses :D 


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  • FantasyOtter12

    oh and also im always at a loss for pieces to review and now I have to do 3 a week yk so drop a link if u want one :)

    about 5 hours ago
  • FantasyOtter12

    in ur bio - skeptical is spelled with a "k" i think hehe

    about 5 hours ago
  • FantasyOtter12

    Re: Thaaaaank u thank u thank uuuu :)))

    its gonna be a bit of work and the meetings are at 6 am for me but i think ill get thru it, the exemplars and everything should be pretty fun! also im pretty sure ill still have a quite empty message box but who knows XD

    love the diminishing verse!! i loved this prompt honestly one of my favs lol

    ok just read W4L's energetic comment below XD
    it is pretty cool that the 3 of us are in consecutive ca seasons haha

    r u eloise? ive just been scrolling thru their insta lol

    about 5 hours ago
  • Writing4Life

    Re: Well so, 6 days later, we're trying this again. *ahem* I'm listening to the Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack so hopefully that will give me courage...(I've never actually seen the movie, but I saw the trailer and Ben Platt singing "Waving Through A Window" on Jimmy Fallon's show thing, and I'm pretty much hooked! That song is so good. Have you heard it before?
    It's almost October! Aaaa that's crazy...Haha yes it's a playlist, tho there are some pretty killer songs ON that playlist....
    Yeah totally! Also I kinda grew up thinking that I'm gonna date someone to potentially marry them, and like, I'm 15, I don't need to be making those sorts of life decisions yet...
    Well I'm sure the person who gets you will be one lucky guy! (or girl; whatever floats your boat haha)
    (also yes, I totally relate to not really wanting to commit to a relationship, but at the same sounds so nice tho..)
    Haha it's all good! I do recommend listening to it though, it's pretty beautiful!

    It was so hardd lol. Unfortunately, it was probably one of the ones I wouldn't have responded to, 'cept I had to :') But I'm glad I pushed myself! (partly why I did the CAship) Oof that is hard!
    Oh that's cool! Haha I hope I get to do more exemplar prompts UwU (also ohmigosh the new CA's start!)
    Wait you know him right?
    Cause that's like so cool that you're a CA, then I am, now he is!
    Also, why do I feel jealous? Cause I literally feel jealous even though I just did 3 months of that stuff....Also, do you know Chai Tea? Cause she's one too haha. I dont know the other users yet, so I'm gonna ask Anna.
    Oh absolutely!
    HAH YES!
    I could so imagine you just delicately stepping over the pole.
    Yesss lmao
    My brother's coach actually calls him Joey sometimes so yep, he's pretty much a kangaroo. (and HJ isn't even his main focus, it's hurdles. i suck at both)
    I mean, I get it, with the queen loving corgis and all. Like, you're being loyal to your country, if you really think about it. You're honouring your queen!
    Oh that's right, you have a queen
    that's so cool
    is that cool for you?
    i have a prime minister OwO
    well i dont
    but like
    my country does?

    Oh that sounds fun! Oh you liked it? I did too haha. Why is it so hard though? Like....yeah I found it super difficult but I really enjoyed it! (I have an obsession with the beach haha, Bondi Beach was my profile picture a while ago. I literally haven't been to the beach in months with lockdown and I feel deprived) Ooo that would be soo cool!
    Ayy nice! Yess you'll have to tell me what you think of it! (you have to remember to get peanut butter; that's very important) (well unless you dont like peanuts or you're allergic; in that case, avoid it at all costs)
    Ooh definitely.

    I do reckon you should give it a go! Like, it's really well made. Great technology for its time, incredibly talented (ngl, and hot) actors and really well written scripts. I would definitely recommend ;) Yesss Spider-Man is my favvv.
    Yeah, Disney+ has most of the movies. Ooh yes they're both incredible! Yes I think so lol
    Whoa that sounds cool! Yeah she dyed her hair black and then had the roots like a BRIGHT green. Now it's blonde and I think it looks great.
    Hah thank you
    Oopsss just realized I wrote my last name there hah
    probs shouldn't have heh but it came too naturally :') oh well, now you know I have a super weird last name! (*sigh* yes my last name is really foote - silent e tho)
    seeee yaaaa

    1 day ago
  • Zirong

    “Though Winter’s heart could never break,/Not even snow from tree to rake/Is cold enough to numb his ache/And save him."

    Oh my I love this so much! And I'm so happy you adore this prompt haha! :)

    re: so sorry for this super super super late reply! I just finished my final exams which spanned one month last week so :'' Anyway, thank you so much!

    1 day ago
  • A. Penderwick

    Re: Thank you so much!!! Oh of course, I'm sure you'll be very famous because you are SO FREAKING TALENTED.
    Yes, that's wonderful!

    Welcome to the land where we lost our loved ones and we said:


    7 days ago
  • Writing4Life


    i just wrote an almost full reply.

    then got out of the tab.

    and cntrl z, my only friend
    has failed me.
    rip me.
    im gonna try again tmrrow :'(

    8 days ago
  • rwong

    also! i seriously just realized im not following you
    thats embarrassing
    and very awkward
    fixing that now!

    8 days ago
  • rwong

    re: lol hello! im so proud of myself for responding within the same day as receiving the reply cause that like, never happens. so this is exciting for me!
    finally got a semi-break from school cause we had retreats on thurs + friday!! usually we go for overnight camp in the mountains but this year due to covid and stuffs we just spent a day at the school and hung out, and then went to an amusement park yesterday so that was fun :) kinda glad cause the teachers definitely lessened the hw load for retreats. although my english teacher did assign an entire essay outline on lord of the flies due monday, which is really just *ughhh* oh well though, it's less than usual. not gonna complain :)

    wait im v confuzzled now haha you're almost done...with the school year? my school year begins in mid-august and ends late may/early june. depends on location in america, though, because a lot of other schools begin after labor day (first monday in sept) and then end mid/late june. sooo theres that :)
    wait how does your school year work then?
    yeaa well i mean you guys hafta study for like 10 major tests lol how do you even handle it?? i think on average people do 1-4 AP classes every year from 10th grade to 12th grade but also it kinda just depends on the person and if the school offers it and stuff. again, super confusing to me LOL
    woahhh you like analytical history?? mad respect to you! idk i just feel like history is super repetitive (small population --> increase in agriculture/discovery of agriculture --> increased population --> specialization --> trade/conquest/wanting more than you have --> war/conflict --> interactions with others --> spread of culture --> etc etc. you get the idea lollll) but then theres also little nuances for everything that you hafta know cause it's also specific to a certain level, yk?

    LOLLL i agree though we do need a new dictionary. perhaps a british english to american english dictionary, like "wellies" = "rainboots" (still so amazed by that one tho hehe)

    wait you have...2 englishes?? how do you separate them?? let's see, i think usually we take 1 math, 1 science (also you have at least 2 sciences??? *insert extreme confusion LOL*), 1 english, history, foreign language, elective...yea but like you said, depends on the school and person. graduation requirements vary school to school and state to state, soooo don't quote me on that. but that's what we do :)
    woahhh seems fun though!! like you get to choose which level/lesson you take? lol im jealous now. i'd fill up my days doing...erm...idk lol cause idk the options but i'm sure there are some fun ones out there!!!

    ATM is an automated teller machine (which btw sounds superrr english. and yall are the ones changing it to cash machine LOL) but yea i didnt know the acronym either and searched it on google. oh the wonders of the internet haha

    AHAHHAHAHH yesss that video!! michael mcintyre...ah he truly is one of the best comedians out there. i showed the video to my mom and we were both dying of laughter by the "total panickers" part. i'm a stay-stiller too, until it lands nearby and im just like "ok imma just quietly leave the situation in fear until it disappears..."

    haha ok just me or is it that british people do better american accents than americans attempting the british one?? idk maybe thats just me lol

    LOLLL issok i dont really listen to much music either. although musicals always get a good listen (especially if i get obsessed) and i've recently found the band sleeping at last via paisley blue and mirkat's suggestion and i love their music! other than that...i'm pretty uncultured when it comes to recent, popular music. although like you, if a song is way overplayed on the radio/in supermarkets/malls, i end up becoming quite familiar with them.

    nooo hoodies at 18C is the best. by then time we're below 14C-ish, it's a full blown feather down jacket :) and a cup of hot chocolate with a good book and the dog curled up next to me

    you brits have good terms. "beef" LOL but that makes it seem like a very...hefty load of gossip you're collecting if you know what i mean haha (im sorry lol im so weird haha language is very fascinating to me though)

    LOLLL yep water is boiled in a saucepan. (p.s. wait "on the hob??" is that a british term???) or a waterboiler machine thing where you dump cold water in and it boils it for you and keeps it warm. kettle. lolll yes child help line for lack of a kettle XD

    oh and another thing: your message board says shepherd's pie (which also soudns extremely british)...please enlighten a clueless american. isn't it like...a lamb pie? maybe?? idk i dont know my pies very well (except for apple and pumpkin pies which are amazing)

    anyway! haha yes ok well shelli with an i because shelly with a y looks kinda weird in my 7th grade mind when that became an official nickname (sidenote can nicknames be official??) but it stuck :)

    lolll yes 3 syllables is farrr too long. my full name's in my email (p.s. i emailed you!) and it's only 2 syllables but my friends were like "...nahhhh" so they were like let's add an "ee" to the end and then shorten it from there (also btw shelli is 2 syllables but yk, its "shorter" LOL) and then shortened it further to shell. because nicknames for nicknames. one day imma just be called like "S" or smth when people get lazy enough. but anyway!! super long tangent about the name haha
    anyway it's nighttime for you!! sleep well, and hope you have a wonderful wonderful day!! <3 <3

    8 days ago
  • A. Penderwick

    Re: Ahh, thank you so much!! Yes, exactly, desperate longing is the perfect way to describe it(and I'm sure you're very talented). Aw, thank you so much, you're too sweet. If I ever do end up on Broadway, I'll just do some light internet stalking, and send you some tickets to the US so you can come see me in the show. hehe

    Aw, thank you so much, you're so encouraging!

    Ahh, that's unfortunate, but I'm glad you're meeting new people. And that is my favorite idea ever?

    I'm an islander
    I am an islander...

    WELCOME to the land where the winters tried to kill us and we said:

    10 days ago
  • Writing4Life

    lmao I love how the last 6 lines all started with "o"

    12 days ago
  • Writing4Life

    Re: Oh do you mean 2002? By Anne-Marie?
    Too true heh
    Why is it that so many people have bfs/gfs at so early an age? Like, have you ever dated anyone? (heh personal question; feel free not to answer)
    Yeah, I like her current music a bit better than her old music lol. Her new album Therapy is really beautiful!
    Awwhhh I'm glad! Can't say I never struggled to find the motivation to answer the prompt with no examples but I got through it lol. What was the hardest prompt for you to respond to? Mine was the Footnote one haha.
    Oh hell yes queeeeen! I mean, that's no surprise you got that one hah.
    I'll probably get an award in the future that's something like
    "award for the craziest fangirl of all things hamilton, anthony ramos, and fudgy brownies"
    Yep that sounds about it.
    Yeah you gotta defend your awards! My brother's suuper good at sports too. He's like, jumped higher than his height in High Jump OwO
    I jumped a pretty swell 1.10m.
    That was the best I could do.
    In case you didn't guess, I don't do much sports :')
    (gymnastics, swimming, horse riding and the occasional surf is all that I'll do pretty much)
    Aha thanks. Same with ya! I'm sure your positive attitude kept your team running ;)
    I legit just had it for brekky this morning, and aaaa it's delicious! You gotta try it, it's sooo gooodddd. It is sortaa expensive, idk how much it costs in Britain, but it's totally worth it. (and now you're earning the big bucks huh?)
    Yep lol
    Ohhhh that sounds amaaayzing. Could you possibly send some through the mail? *pleading eyes*
    Ahh he's too cute honestly.
    Oh yeah that one's great! Ach gotta admit to being a bit of a Marvel fan(stan?)(probs)
    I wasn't so much into Marvel a few years ago, but a while ago I really got into it, and now I've seen most of the movies. Spider-Man is definitely one of my favourite superheroes (ONLY the Tom H version tho), but I really like Loki. Have you heard of Loki? He's like, one of the superheroes brothers (Thor), and he was lowkey (heh) the villain, but then a really awesome series came out with him in it, called Loki (*mind blown*) and it was like soooo good and yep I definitely recommend watching it.
    Ooh yes I'm so excited for the third one! No Way Home :DD (I like how they always have "home" in their title: homecoming, far from home, no way home)
    Marvel's just really well made. All the Avenger ones are definitely worth watching as well. I'd say it's worth the hype!
    Oh goodness, I don't think I could pull that off lmao. I'm trying to convince my mum to let me dye my tips purple just for lockdown, but idk if she'll say yes lol. I kinda want to, cause you can just like...cut it off haha.
    Ahh no I prefer the first two!
    Ohh yeah I've seen a bit of that. My brother thinks it's hilarious lol.
    Oof don't think so haha.
    Ooh I like it, very creative!
    Oh Frankenstein, oh Frankenstein,
    On my flesh, please do not dine,
    Oh Frankie boy, Oh Frankie boy,
    Please do not destroy (me)
    I have the owner to be your obedient servant,
    R. Foote :)

    12 days ago
  • rwong

    oooo niceee!!! the way you wrote it though...ahhhh amazing :)

    re: lol you could never be later at replying than absolutely terrible at this *sigh* again, imma just blame school cause thats been super busy lol
    LOL i keep forgetting that yall dont have middle school which is, btw, so weIrd. but i guess having a middle school is super weird too loll
    ahhh ok so ur GCSE (*checks to see if i got that sequence of letters correct*) is pretty similar to the AP's. that's cool!
    in the SAT/ACT there are sections for reading, grammar, and math. idk if theres also science in there on the ACT but not the SAT, but dont quote me cause again, i dont get the school system here much either xp but its basically cumulative scoring, like the reading is out of a certain number and then math is out of a certain score and they just add your score together. yea! so basically i think there are a set number of subjects in the SAT (reading/writing + math) so thats all ur tested on, nothing else.
    haha i'm also taking AP world history and it's kinda a struggle cause they teach it sO wEiRd like its like analyze history! (not memorize this content about what happened during this battle!) sooo yea. but AP comp sci prncpls and AP world. yep. (also p.s. you saying "i reckon" made me laugh cause no one here says that...ah the wonders of being british XD)

    wait wait wait hol' up MATH IS OPTIONAL??? like you could replace math with...creative writing?? omg if that's the case i would switch math out in a heartbeat omg math is erm. yea it's math. i have no good words for it lol

    wELLiEs tHo. there's this video floating around on yt (*frantically searches*) that i think you'd enjoy cause this part of the convo is literally the real life version of it and it is hilarioussss
    anywayyy back to the re:-ing..."swanky pooch" awww you make my dog sound much cuter with that. i totally did not read that sentence in a british accent lol most people are just like "aw how cute!" LOL but yess your puppers sound adorableee omg and spaniels too!! AND the namesss ahhhh i'm obsessed so so so adorable. i wanna see a pic one day ahhhh (did i mention an obsession with dogs?) :)

    haha you're so welcome!! watching you freak out about how cute the squirrels are in my comments made my day :DDD but ikkkk that photographer just catches them at the right time like ahhhhh how can you resist??

    LOLLL the best upper class british i can do is *attempting* to copy the british movies which basically makes me sound like a try-hard american. yess ikkk you didn't get a chance to hear my "accent" (like i dont think i speak with an accent and then i realize that to you i speak with an accent the way you speak with an accent to me ok i really just overcomplicated that backtrack--) so i'll leave you to wonder oOOOo (hint: think literally any disney channel kid. okay maybe not any but like, that general sound LOL)

    oOoOO y'all say hullo and good day AND cheerio???? my mind is blown that makes me v happy cause that means all those british stereotypes are true!!! yayyyy
    lol im sure ur cali accent is pretty decent. i was gonna say "nO we don't same ohmagawdd super often and then i briefly scrolled through the comments and i was like 'oh wait thats kinda right...i did sprinkle this entire comment/reply with 'omg''" LOL

    ireland is in the same time zone??? and france is 1 hour away??? ONLY????? amazing lol americans like to complicate things (e.g. units for literally eVeRytHiNg like wHYyYYy)

    lol 18 C is pretty much like, fall/winter weather for us which means i'm probably pulling out those hoodies. and 25 is a bath in ice cream?? (side tangent we have an ice cream museum here in SF and idk, sounds like something you'd enjoy lollll--lmk if im right!) 25 is pretty comfortable for us--in fact i think it is 25 today LOL

    lolll your teaaaa here in CA we use "tea" in place of "gossip" so it's like oOoO spILLiNg tea. just an american thing? lmk! but i love tea too haha, i mean not like i drink a daily cup and put my kettle on the stove or anything (not that we own one lol) but there was a time (i mean, a week) when i steeped a tea bag in hot water and thoroughly enjoyed it lolll. what's your favorite tea?

    ooo hi ellie!! nice to meet you, as formal introductions i guess :) i'm shelli, most people here call me shell though. i go by both, so whichever you want! yess emailsss i'm up to it if you are!

    anywayyyy i guess this means you're +8 hrs from me which means its 1 AM. oops haha i hope you're asleep! sweet dreams, and talk soon!!

    shell <3 <3

    13 days ago
  • A. Penderwick

    Ahh, this is incredible! I really want to try this prompt, but I'm so intimidated by it. You did a great job though! :)

    Re (don't worry about it!) : Thanks you so much! The intros are so much fun to write, because it's one of the only times my unfiltered, naturally chaotic voice comes through.
    Gah, there's never enough time, is there?

    Yes, it's really fun. Yes, France would be incredible.

    Honestly, I can understand that, but I still think it's SO good. If you're looking for chaos, look for Eva Noblezada's backstage vlogs on YouTube(it's on the channel, and they're called "little songbird"). And yeah, the plot is super cool.
    Oh yeah, Come From Away is so fun(and it's on Apple TV!!! YAY). I did a performance of 'Welcome to the Rock' with my two friends, but during Covid times so it was online and kind of a mess.
    And ugh, yes, In The Heights is so good!!!!

    Ahaha, ok, goodbye! Have a good day!

    13 days ago
  • Parisienne

    This is so beautiful Ellie. Honestly, you can do comedy, poetry, novels....what can you not do?!! Totally amazing :)
    I'm so so sorry I missed wishing you good luck with going back to school - how was your first week back? Do you like your subjects and are you enjoying wearing WHATEVER YOU WANT!!!!?? *grins recalling how amazing it was to be out of uniform*. So hope it's been good!
    I'm good thanks and yes very busy with frantic packing right now haha! I start uni next saturday which is absolutely unreal and SO exciting at the same time. Will be able to be on here more than I have been though, as I won't be working or madly running round ikea with my mum yelling at me to get cutlery. Looking forward to be able to chat more regularly with you and maybe even publish some writing.
    Sending lots of hugs and hope you have a good time at school tomorrow (probs wearing an outrageous outfit that would SO make me proud)
    Becca <3

    14 days ago
  • Writing4Life

    Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh this is beautiful Ellie! Like it's so so good, I could 100% imagine this coming from like a seasoned, published author. Incredibleeeee! (also awwwwhhhh your footnote! you're too kind!)
    Re: Haha yes! Brilliant plan :)
    Ah yes, *hair flip* I was *ahem* quite proud of myself.
    Until I realized that could've meant that I was terrible at the beginning of the year and could've just improved a milligram. Hm.
    I think she gave it to me cause I played the role that no one (including myself) wanted :') But I was happy with it, and I still have it on my shelf to this day!
    Haha yeah :P
    Bahahahaha yesss :P
    I think they don't wear clothes actually......ummmm
    That reminds me, there's like this acai place in a beach near us (have you had acai bowls before? they're like a type of blueberry and they're suuuper good. you put like peanut butter and toppings on it, and it's so amazing), and the name of the place is literally "bare naked bowls". You gotta say it slowly otherwise bowls sounds like.....somethingelse. But the acai bowls are really good there haha. They make their own peanut butter and have like raw honey! There's a coffee bowl that is soo good. I don't really like coffee, but it tastes like chocolate in the bowl. Ah I miss that! (I haven't been there since lockdown :'()
    And in other words, yes you are completely accurate in your conclusion. A+.
    The Linnamon listtttt omg yes. And ofc heckaroni is on that list! Always was dahling. (omg that reminds me of "I drink tea, dahling". Have you seen that interview with Tom?)
    Also, are you a fan of Marvel? Cause I ammmm.
    That's good she likes it now lol.
    Oooo why thank you :)
    Ah yes, I am quite proud of my hair too. But I still wanna cut it short lol. I never have, so I just wanna try it. But I can't cause all the hairdressers are closed!
    Yeah ;)
    Yeah I totally agree. It is a weiiiiird time right now!
    Awww :( Well I hope your family can at least bond over other things! (like Hamilton....?)
    I know! Who ever would have thought of that?
    Me UwU

    15 days ago
  • Paisley Blue

    (Your pfp makes me so happy!)

    18 days ago
  • Paisley Blue

    Beautiful work here! Love the personification of winter. It feels very new and fresh!

    18 days ago