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Te Busque - Alvaro Soler
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❝ the world tells me I'm physically an adult, but that's not how I see myself. they say this is our youth, but we can’t quite call it that. youth, the green spring of one’s life. as if. spring is only green at a distance. ❞

❝win because you don't know how to lose. fight because you don't know how to die quietly.❞

❝without realizing it you taught me a lot of things. not only about life, but how its okay to feel something extraordinary about someone.❞

Be Who You Are ; Unless It's Different

August 24, 2021

First they yelled, “stand up and take charge of your life.”
But then they shoved me down and said, “shut up there's no room for you.”
They criticize me, “a woman should not be unprepared.”
But then when I change they frown in disappointment, “you're trying too hard.”
They quietly whisper, “stop following others just be who you are.”
But when I came out they beat me down, screaming, “you’re evil, no one wants you!”
They said, “be a proud american.”
But when I embraced my full culture they groaned and called me slurs.

Finally I realized, they only want you to be who you are until it becomes different from who they are.


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  • August 24, 2021 - 11:52am (Now Viewing)

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  • watermelons_words

    Welcome to WtW! I hope you enjoy it here.
    Also this is AMAZING!

    10 months ago