It all started when we moved from Romania and my graciously annoying child self found a love of words in reading and being a verbal copycat to learn English XD

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Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!! Don’t worry about being harsh, if a piece deserves it then it’ll be all the more help for my improvement! Thank you!! =)

Of Your Own

August 21, 2021

   1st. your country was hopeless:
no future, no riches, no life.
endeavor for better, even if it draws
half the world over.
   then. it was requisite:
the motherland must prevail.
have some pride, return
or lose the right to your identity.

   1st. denounce your origins.
your past matters not, only your purpose.
   then. you can stay.
we will welcome you with falsely open arms
a facade to cover the mockery
and the crumpled paper target taped to your back.
we are not your own.

   1st. i stood honoured.
a whole human being
of a struggling nation 
and the partner promising aid.
a whole human being
belonging to both
for the life
and the path
they both assented.
i belong nowhere.


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  • wisteria

    Re: Ohmygoodness you’re making me melt <3 I also love getting comments from you, I was smiling so wide reading through the last one, you’re literally the sweetest person ever!! My sister asked if I was smiling cuz of a funny video and I was like nope, just my awesome friend on WtW :))
    I would like to hear more about those innocent phrases that sound not so innocent in English, I’m intrigued!! A while back my little sister and I actually tried to make up a language solely so we could speak it in front of people to look cool and mysterious… I wish I was joking. It mainly consisted of gibberish that neither of us understood and we called it ‘Mangali’— safe to say no one fell for it lol. Illegally crossing into Canada isn’t quite as exciting as it sounds— personally, I’d much rather have the secret language club! I’ll have to revive Mangali and teach the rest of my family XD As for the speaking Romanian on a regular basis thing, I believe in you!! Consider me your personal cheerleader!! *\0/*
    Aaaaaanywho, it’s so crazy to learn that squirrels are considered invasive in Australia! They’re just everywhere you turn in the US, and (I think?) a lot of the world, so it’s just really weird to think that they were once in any zoo exhibits. As for the bet, we’re on vacation in a nat park (speaking of vacation, do you start school anytime soon? I heard Sydney is still in lockdown, hope you’re doing ok <3) and my family and I saw another family going absolutely nuts over a squirrel in a tree. Taking pictures, saying they had never seen one before, and we were all like… where do they not have squirrels? So, we all placed bets on what countries don’t have them. My money was on Australia and I needed first hand info, you were a perfect source :> Ooh wait, another probably dumb question incoming— does anyone ever jokingly talk in an American accent? Cuz we just randomly break out the (terrible) Australian accents sometimes for no good reason and I’m wondering if that’s a universal thing XD (sorry ‘bout all the questions lol)
    You should absolutely turn Iron Cockerel into a novel or something, it’s such a stunning and well-written piece!! Left me wanting more!! If the inspiration strikes plz plz plz post the incredible work you come up with, I’d love to read more of it!!
    I’m gonna start keeping track of word count cuz why not— this comment is a whopping 457-ish words! WtW, I’ll be expecting my badge soon!! B)

    10 months ago
  • watermelons_words

    Re: Well, it didn’t end up being a very good piece, but thanks for reading and sympathizing nonetheless!

    10 months ago
  • watermelons_words

    Re: You’re welcome! Didn't realize that it was an older piece until just a second ago - sorry if I gave you old advice haha

    10 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    Re: No problem! Yeah, unfortunately. Still have another month to go! Thank you! I just got a job, so hopefully that'll cure the boredom a bit! Nice!

    10 months ago
  • wisteria

    Ok first off this is incredible, you are so amazingly talented!! I really love everything about this, and I think I just read that English isn’t your first language? I mean, dang that’s impressive!!
    Re: ahhh yes that confused me at first too!! You actually have to comment on the person’s post you want to reply to, but don’t worry, I still found it!!
    My dog is an old English sheepdog mix, so… similar I think? His name is Ozzie and I love him to death :) do you have a pet of your own?
    Anyways, sorry for the super long comment and all the questions, lol… I really loved this piece and I can’t wait to see what else you’ll post here!!

    10 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    Heyyyy I live in Sydney too! Hope you're doing ok in lockdown!
    This piece is beautiful. You've really captured the longing of fitting in (which everyone feels, I'm sure!) super beautifully. Welcome to WtW, also! I hope you have an amazing stay here :D

    10 months ago
  • Treblemaker

    re: Thanks for reading my piece! and I like how you said the post can apply to any interview,, I agree so imma put a note for that too :D

    Also deeply moving piece and you have some really great lines in there. 'we will welcome you with falsely open arms
    a facade to cover the mockery' was my favorite. Such a clear voice <3

    10 months ago