Message to Readers

Read this as though it were a ballad (really fast), have fun with it, and if possible use an Irish accent. I would like to no what you guys thought of this in general. Did ya like it? Did it make you smile, or think of St. Patrick's' Day?

Wishes from the Little Men

May 20, 2015



When you see the little man, oh when you see his face.

You’ll go to catch him, and over the hills you’ll race 

And if you catch the little brute tell him this

“You give me three wishes and I’ll let ya go”

But if he’s a wise one, he’ll say “no”

If you want those wishes just threaten him with a knife or sooth him with your fife 

He’ll have to shout “alright” in fright or pure delight

Now don’t waste wishes, wish for gold to treasure and hold

If you’re young wish for a spouse, if old wish for a big, rich house

 Lastly you might want something that will last, like long life or a good hunting knife

But make sure you don’t call forth a fourth

For even a wish very small will make you lose them all

If you survive all this, you may want to keep the leprechaun to show some friends 

But be mindful of his magic for he can trick your head 

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