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Do What?

August 16, 2021

I was told to follow directions, but then they said to think for myself
I was old enough to drive down the freeway, but too young to drink by myself
I was asked to be strong, then told being "pushy" was wrong
So I ask. Do what? Do nothing or everything?

I am asked to write authentically for an essay
And then told my piece is uninteresting
Perhaps that's me, but whoever said being interesting was a prerequisite for success?
I am asked to be more sociable by concerned people who cannot comprehend an iota of me
But then when I do find someone to talk for hours, to say things I want to say
The same worrywart, tired of hearing me from afar, barges in and says "Christ, give it a rest!"
So I ask. Do what? Do nothing or everything?



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