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duty of beauty

August 14, 2021

first I was tired
looking barely awake
but then I was too much
too porcelain and too fake

then I was lacking
no effort and too lazy
but then I went too far
too dramatic and crazy

then I wasn't girly
being a tomboy
but then I was evil
deceiving and coy

then I was too real
pale and undignified
but then I was too plastic
with so much to hide

then I was too raw
imperfect and impure
but then I was a slut
looking only to allure

and so I went back and forth
left and right
with and without
heavy and light

my face was too round
my brows were too stark
now my lips are too full
and my eyes are too dark

so now when I look to see
how pretty or not I can be
no matter where, further or nearer
I see a stranger in the mirror



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