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A Rant About Boku No Hero Academia Shipping (Please Read, 365 Prompts #184)

August 13, 2021


    Okay, so the My Hero Academia fandom has some of the most insane ships I've ever seen. The thing that annoys me the most, however, is not the ships themselves, but the fact that some ships have little to no character chemistry
    For instance, take BakuDeku. It's a popular ship between the two main characters of the show. Sure, I don't ship it, but I understand why people do (sometimes). On one hand, these two characters interact a lot and literally help each other develop throughout the show. Bakugo pushes Deku to get stronger, and Deku helps Bakugo see what he does wrong. They rub off on each other in both negative and positive ways, but, ultimately, Deku and Bakugo have some chemistry.
    Now, on the other hand, Bakugo is verbally abusive and yes, while he has been developing, saying fewer and fewer mean things to Deku, and he even [REDACTED](see chapter 322), that doesn't mean he's completely in love with Deku, and just because Deku looks up to Bakugo and tries to be more like him doesn't mean he's completely in love with Bakugo. However, this is simply my opinion, and I can acknowledge the fact that these two characters have a lot of chemistry. 
    Other ships, nevertheless, have no flavor or chemistry in the show. In this analysis, I'll be using TsuChaco. Yes, they are cute. Yes, they interact a lot. Yes, Ochaco helped comfort Tsu in season three. But have they rubbed off on each other like Bakugo and Deku? No. Have they helped each other develop? No. Have they had a lot of dialogue, key plot moments, or storyline between them? No. This ship is created simply for the purpose of being cute and fluffy. Again, I don't ship it, but that's just my opinion. Anyone can ship whoever they want! Except, of course-
    The illegal ships. These ships have little to no chemistry and are simply disgusting in general. DekuMight is a prime example of this. Imagine shipping a teenager, a minor, with a middle aged man. That is so revolting, I can hardly think about it. Deku x Mitsuki is another horrifying one-we're talking people shipping a minor with his friend's mother. And if that isn't bad enough, some monsters actually ship the teenage main character of the show with his own biological mother! Talk about vile!
    The moral of this story is this-better ships involve a lot more character chemistry, but you can ship who you want to ship, unless it's illegal. And remember to respect everyone's opinion!
Today's prompt was "Chemistry: Choose an element and write a poem or story that uses that word in one of the lines."
DISCLAIMER: I do not own My Hero Academia. All rights go to Kohei Horikoshi.
This was a rant, and a big one at that. 


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  • Enigmatic

    Re: TodoBakuDeku is so... we won't even go there. I like Iida, Tokoyami, Momo, Shoto and Kirishima.

    2 months ago
  • watermelons_words

    I don’t watch My Hero Academia, but the Wings of Fire fandom has some WEIRD ships. It’s like somebody went, “I’m going to stick two random character names together and call it a ship!”. Seriously.

    2 months ago
  • 4ExtraShotsOfEspresso

    oH DEAR
    and lets not talk about the ships with eri
    some mortals are f*cking sick

    2 months ago
  • Enigmatic

    I totally agree. I love BNHA (still watching season five) but people come up with the most absurd ships ever. I don't really like BakuDeku as a pairing, but that's just my opinion. Who is your favourite character?

    2 months ago