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I mainly write poems dripping with excessive descriptions and wistful tears.

A Study in Scalene

August 11, 2021


Her freckles dance in speckled strings, 
splattered across her face 
like woven nets,
reams of constellations in the night sky. 

She cries about the guy she’s known for a little over a week, 
Daring him to say anything,
Daring him to care. 

Her salty speech sprays forth, 
Sipping a virgin margarita. 
She claims her will controls the weather-
a statement not too far-fetched. 
You’d understand if you heard the power in her voice. 

She shoots saline glances at the old man sitting at the table behind us,
Daring him to say anything,
Daring him to care. 

She grabs at the brown waves flowing over her shoulders, 
Swishing around like the frothy waves she’s falling into.
How could she hate that force of nature that framed her face?
Sure- it was wild and unruly like the sea,
wreathed in flyaways like the drops flung from the ocean. 

Was this written for @poetri? Possibly- the world may never know. 


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  • Written_In_Water

    Wow - This is so amazing! The title is excellent and it is just littered with brilliant phrases like "reams of constellations in the night sky" - and the repetition of "Daring him" and the whole idea of power throughout the poem is super interesting

    2 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    Oh wow oh wow

    2 months ago
  • poetri


    - the fact that you say my voice has power makes my heart go dsgfdsdg and just...i am exploded. exploded. i know i just told you this over facetime but i've always just thought i'm more on the loud and annoying side of things and that line...just continually stops me in my tracks.
    - that old man has obviously proven to be inspirational for you and sena and i am here. for. it.
    - god, the word choice in the first stanza makes my heart go a certain way. the way you describe things is just so delicate and fragile and lovely--i feel like even with one word missing it would snap and fall apart. i love it, i just love it so much.
    - that stanza about my hair did in fact make me sob like a baby for five minutes.
    - we're not even gonna talk about a*i.

    ANYWAY! i love this i love you thank you for...*motions* everything <3 <3 <3

    2 months ago