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This low-key makes me wanna write a dystopian war story.

Now We Continue On

August 10, 2021

PROMPT: 7 Cubed

"Hope is gone, Marcus, we have nothing left," Phoebe said.
    I stared at our surroundings, which was mostly debris and dead bodies left by the bombs.  The ones that weren't dead were either barely hanging on to life or reduced to their stretchers, being watched by downhearted doctors.  But I saw something else too: those that were less injured rushing around to help in any way they could, determined to save what was left of our camp, living or inanimate.
    "Look, we lost a lot," I admitted, "but what we do have left is a small group of souls who aren't ready to give up yet."
    She looked around at our camp, and then, with a new look of determination on her face, asked, "So now what do we do? 
    "Now we continue on."
I used The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan.  The seventh word on the seventh page was "hope."


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  • River Rae

    Wow this is cool. If you do end up turning this into a longer piece or writing a dystopian war story I would totally read it!

    2 months ago
  • Elodie

    This is great!! And I would read that dystopian war story if you write it.

    2 months ago