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est. june 29th 2021

Fluffy (my ungrateful cat)

August 10, 2021

PROMPT: August Grab Bag

from the perspective of your pet. What do they truly think of you? (Bailey Anderson-Kita)

From the perspective of my cat, Fluffy.

3:50pm, Arrived home from school
Crash, bang. I'm woken from my 9 to 5 nap by the sound of the little brats getting home. I've always wondered why they get home this early every day. Can't they stay out a little longer? I already have to deal with the other mongrel. Oh that's disgusting. It's drooling on the floor. I'm thrown off my train of thought when one of the brats picks me up.

"Stop I just cleaned my fur!" I hiss.

I know she can't understand me but I just want the pulling to stop. Now the little one has spotted me. She waddles over to me and hits me. I think she meant to pat me but it's really more of a whack. I won't be surprised if it bruises. I'm currently being confined to my scratch post tower. After years of sharpening my claws on it I really ought to tell them to by me a new one.

I am now being carried by the big one. I don't know where, but I swear if she puts me outside I'm going to go feral. Luckily, she puts me on top of the dining table and I sit in the line of the warming box. Ahhh yes, the warming box is the only thing that keeps me from leaving this dump of a house. If you don't know what a warming box is, well you're in for a treat. It's this huge box that blows hot air onto you while you relax. 

The only time I really like the brats is when they turn the warming box on. But I don't think anyone really likes them. After all, no one likes getting their hair pulled.

6: 30pm, Dinner
I'm staring at them stare at their food and it's aggravating. Just pick up the metal thing and scoop the food. If it were me I would've had my face in their actually enjoying my meal. They don't eat fish, weirdos. Instead it's this mushy, foul-smelling goo. Well, that's how I would describe it. 

They only give me food once a day. Once a day! While they enjoy three servings a day. So greedy. I don't ask for much. Just for them to let me outside, feed me fish, and leave me alone. It's so simple and yet even simple rules can't be obeyed. 

9:00pm, Bedtime 
I hear the creak of the frame as they both climb in to their respective beds. I sleep on the big one's bed because she doesn't roll around as much. Not like the little one. I awoke in a death grip one morning, it was traumatizing. I can't actually creep up there because she'll still be awake so I wait outside.

I'm gonna be here for a while so I'll have a quick nap here.
I really enjoyed writing this! It was funny to imagine what he would be thinking and this really captures it, I think. Thanks for this prompt :)


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