To spread and regrow love and humanity is one of my love.To make this world a better place is a testament.

Message from Writer

The devil is not as black he is painted.

Love insists the loved one loves back.

Remember tonight,for it's the begin of always.

-All by Dante Alighieri

Shaya's Forgo

August 18, 2021

The red-skinned girl May intruded into Shaya's room.
May said, "Finally! Got a lovely dress just as you desire."
Shaya mumbled, "Not anymore!"
"We fought over this last week. Now, you wanna forgo?" grumbled May. "You'll have to wear this."
"I won't!" replied Shaya.
The argument continued until May stomped out. Shaya couldn't speak; she saw a girl blue for people judged her on clothing. She recalled her mother uttering, "Never partake in something that prompts someone to hate and forfeit goodness."
The girl in her dream had gifted her a box full of a thousand memories.


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