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Violet Chapter 1

August 4, 2021


“He went that way,” the nervous servant tells the guards. She points down the west hallway, directly at me! I immediately sprint towards the window. The guards chase after me. I draw a knife, just in case.
“Stop!!” The lead guard hollers. I ignore him. From around the corner comes a single guard. Still running, I draw another dagger. I sprint, then slide through the guards legs, slashing the unarmored joint. The guard yelps and collapses as I slide to a stop. Standing, I run the last few yards to the window. I begin to leap through the window, but someone grabs my foot.
Using my free foot, I kick the person in the face. They let go, and I tumble head first out the window. Twisting, I manage to land on my feet on the balcony below. 
Perfect! I think to myself. The royal family of Mataben and a few nobles are sitting at a large wooden table with a feast fit for a king on it. The only one missing is one of the twins, Prince Felipe, who went missing not over three weeks prior. A large chandelier is above it and there are matching tapestries hanging on the walls. My cloak flapping, I stare through the slits in my mask at everyone seated, who had started staring at me because I landed on their balcony. The five guards positioned around the room immediately draw swords and begin to advance. I smile, knowing I am still holding two daggers.
“Who are you?” Demands the King.
“I am no one of importance.” I reply, my voice perfectly even.
“I demand you to tell who you are!” The King calls out, sounding rather annoyed. I smirk at his tone then I glance at Queen Hope, with her perfect blonde hair and round blue eyes, as she puts her hand on the King’s.
“And why should I answer to your demands?”I question, still smirking. Which infuriates King Ruthburt further.
“Seize him!” He bellows.
“That actually helps! Not that you would understand why!” I say with a grin that cannot be seen. I sidestep a blow from a large red haired man with a sword. I stab my right dagger through his shoulder. Everyone stares, pale faced, as I drop the guards one by one. Once all are rolling on the floor in agony, unable to fight, I turn to everyone seated. Everyone is shocked and the young princess -who looks almost exactly like her mother- is crying. I run and jump, swinging on the expensive chandelier, and land behind King Ruthburt. Then, I sink a knife into his back. The Queen shrieks in horror. At the noise, about a dozen guards barge through the sturdy doors bearing swords. I yank the King’s amulet off and dash towards the balcony railing.
“Don’t let him jump!” The Queen yells. The fastest guard catches up to me and grabs my cloak. I toss the necklace into a bush, and it vanishes when it lands, then turn around to face the guard who caught me. My breath catches in my throat. It’s Fredrick, my brother.
The guards start closing in and I feel myself becoming angry. He left our family poor and helpless! I kick Fredrick in the stomach, then mock the queen with a bow. Fredrick doubles over even through the leather armor and the queen looks insulted.
“Bye!” Then I launch myself over the balcony, do a backflip and land in the gardens below. I notice an indentation in a nearby rosebush. The amulet! I snatch it and take off to the gate. The archers on the wall fire at me… and all miss. I climb over the gate and sprint off into the woods.
Finally, after running through the trees to get away from the palace, I stop in a clearing to change my outfit into something less noticeable. Then, weaving my hair into a braid, I study my surroundings. The clearing has a small boulder surrounded by evergreens with young ferns and flowers dotting the plush green grass. I sit on the boulder, thinking. Why was Fredrick there? I thought he died in the war! My sharpened senses feel vibrations in the ground. I gather my things and quickly climb a large evergreen. Once situated on a large and sturdy branch, I wait in silence for the people to enter the clearing. Out of the trees comes Adrin, one of King Gangrath’s servants. I jump out of the tree, knives ready, and land in front of him. Surprised, he steps back. He recognizes me -or at least my mask- then gets an eager expression on his face. 
“Did you get the amulet? I heard the King was murdered!” 
“Word spreads fast. But didn’t you expect me to do that?” I ask.
“Yes, but you didn’t answer my question.”
“Oh, I don’t know. If I did get it, why do you need to take it to King Gangrath yourself?” 
He stumbles to find words. “I… um… I have orders.”
“And how mad would you be if I didn’t get it?” I say, deciding to deliver it to Gangrath myself. His face goes red. 
“Then I will kill you!” He shouts, drawing a dagger. But I have two. 
“I hate to do this,” I mumble. I sidestep his blow, then I stab one of his green eyes. Blood dyes his sandy blond hair a deep maroon. He howls in pain, and I push the long knife in further. He screams louder this time and collapses. At his yelling, three heavily armed guards rush in from all directions. I hold my stance but I feel a sharp point against my back, forcing me to drop my knives. The man grabs my hands and ties them behind my back. I don't struggle, knowing that I can swipe his legs out from beneath him.
The guard seems to expect this, so when I do it, he twists out of the way. In the end, it takes all four guards to drag my struggling body. That traitor! Now I will have to change my plans!
This is Chapter 1! I finally decided to publish it thanks to Lone Wolf ( who has some great writing skills, you should check put her work) The prologue is out, if you want to read it. It’s called Violet! Thanks for reading!


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  • løne wølf

    aHAHAHAHAH YESSS i'm so glad you published the first chapter!! i can't wait to read what comes nextt

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